Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary on Valentines Day?

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Coincidence or not, but if your wedding anniversary day falls on Valentine’s Day, you are fortunate enough to have a double blast as a couple. While anniversaries are a milestone of your wonderful journey called marriage, the Valentine’s Day is a day when the love is at its peak with numerous hearts floating and expressing it in the most romantic way to your partner. So as a couple, it’s a day for you to celebrate and relive the memories. After all, not every couple is so lucky. But the problem is, this special day comes to your life every year, with the same question i.e. how to make it special this time and how to celebrate wedding anniversary?


You want to make the day special, unique and of course, better than the previous years, but you are out of ideas. Something like simply presenting an anniversary gift sound too mainstream to you. Well, don’t fret, we are here with some new and unique ideas that would help you celebrate your wedding anniversary on Valentine’s day in a unique and memorable way.

Present a unique gift


Heart Umbrella

The best way to celebrate a special day is to present a special gift to your partner. The gift must be expressive as well as unique. Make sure to choose your gifts wisely, and instead of going for some usual or mainstream products, try looking for some unique Valentine’s gifts. Something that can always remind him/her of you every time he/she looks at it.

Plan a getaway

Romantic GetawayImage Source

Planning a getaway on your anniversary-cum-valentine’s day could be a great idea. It doesn’t only give you the time to be with each other but also releases the usual stress out of your life to a great extent. Take some time from your daily life and plan a small getaway to please your partner and cherish the moments together, leaving the world behind.

Give a surprise party

Surprise your partner with an amazing party. You can plan it only for him/her, the family, or can even invite colleagues and friends to sweeten the event. Such beautiful occasions are more connected to your emotions, love and care. Show it to your partner in a unique way and win the heart.

Plan a romantic date

Planning a romantic date is the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can present to your partner. Someone had said that the journey is more important than a destination. Take her for a long drive away from the city and plan a candlelight dinner at some exotic place, where you can enjoy the real person, have wonderful conversations and make a memory out of it to be remembered. Good decor can add the icing on the cake. Decorate the arena with Inflatable Champagne Balloon.

Book a cruise trip

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There can be nothing more romantic than sailing away together during the golden sunset, away from everyone. Book a cruise trip with your partner and enjoy sightseeing, cultural activities, water sports in the daytime and enjoy the party at the night. On the special occasion of your life’s journey, this will not be less than a real surprise to your partner.

Bake an anniversary cake together

Baking your anniversary cake together can be really romantic and fun. It will give you a lot of opportunities to make this anniversary a special day for both of you. Preparing the dough together, hand in hand with so much cheese, creams and sweetness ultimately becomes the right recipe to bring you closer. You can also try to recreate your wedding cake to run down the memory lane.

Have a photoshoot

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How amazing would it be to have your own photo shoot at some of the amazing places around the town? More to it, go to the places that hold a special place in your heart and have some story behind your meet. Romantic places shouldn’t be missed out on this, as they will lighten up the mood and bring both of you closer that will result in some real and immersive pictures.

Watch your wedding videos together

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Do you remember the last time you watched your wedding album together? Your anniversary is a great day to relive those special moments of your life. Just sit back together, hand in hand. Or to make it rather more romantic, cuddle your partner and rejoice the joyous moments of your life. This will perhaps bring you a lot closer and would be the most obvious Anniversary gift for both of you.

Again, you are one of the luckiest couples on the earth to be married on the most lovable day of the year. Make sure that every time this day comes back in your life, you borrow as much love as you can.

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