Corona-virus Quarantine: 6 Easy Ways To Pass The Time

Corona-virus Quarantine: 6 Easy Ways To Pass The Time

Staying inside right now is very important, not just for yourself but for the people you engage with, be it family or a total stranger at the grocery store. But as the days progress in the lockdown, our social lives are shrinking. We can hear all the extroverts screaming, no seriously, we can. Some of us are back home, but most of the people are stuck where they either study or work. To make things a bit easy for you here is a list of 6 simple tasks you can do to pass all the time you have for yourself now.


1. Organize Your Work Desk


If you look hard enough, you can still see all the receipts lying in a corner and all the pens and brushes begging to be put in the right place. No right time like today, roll up your sleeves and start organizing the work desk that you'll constantly use for the next few weeks. If your desk is clean, you'll feel better while you're attending the online class or doing your office work.



2. Deep Clean The House


It is time folks. To do what you've been meaning to do since forever, be it cleaning the back of the refrigerator, or organizing your closet. Hit that play button of your favourite Spotify playlist and start cleaning. A clean space will help your mental and physical health in these trying times. If you're feeling too lazy, do one thing at a time. Do the laundry today and fold it tomorrow, nobody's keeping the score.



3. Netflix & Chill


Need we say more? Now that you've cleaned and worked so hard, you deserve a well-earned break. Sit back, relax, keep your charger at hand, get some (or a lot) snacks and start your favourite series. Binge-watch your favourite show or start a new one, there are so many options. Watch some Netflix originals or re-watch your favourite YouTuber's vlogs.



4. Get Your Creativity On


We know that it's hard to get bored when you're watching shows or movies, but it does get repetitive after a time. And with so many days at hand, why not try something different, something you used to love when you were a kid. Take out all the ticket stubs you've saved of all the special places you've been with your loved ones and get scrapbooking. Get some flowers, press them and use them to decorate the pages. Label all the polaroids with dates and occasions and stick postcards with cute washi tapes as a memory of all the awesome places you've been to. The options are endless, so what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing with a trip down the memory lane.



5. Play Games


It's the perfect time to start the time-consuming challenges on the Sims or start playing the newly released Animal Crossing. Or maybe start playing the Minecraft again? You can play online games or if you have a company of your flatmates or your family, you can play board games with them. Remember when you were a kid and your dad taught you to play Ludo or Chess? Why not revisit those days and play games after dinner with your family? You can play old school games like Carrom, Monopoly, or cards or you can teach them games like UNO, Jenga etc. Maybe even get them hooked on the online games. It is the ultimate way to bond with the family and pass some time in the process.

6. Learn A New Skill


We're sure you're seeing this all over the social media, people making crazy dishes, starting to work out, painting like they were born with the brush in hand and whatnot. If you feel uncomfortable taking this big leap and starting something totally new, why not start small and learn something you're really interested in. It can even be learning a new language as out there as Klingon. You'll probably never use it, but it will be something you're really interested in. If you have a green thumb, get your first plant and take care of it or if you've always been interested in cooking but never had the time, now is your chance to go crazy and make your perfect recipe.



If you feel like you're losing your mind staying inside, just know that half of the people are going through the same. Staying home doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up inside without and human interaction. If you have a terrace or a garden in front of your home, take a walk and watch the sunrise or sunset, 6 ft. away from other people of course. You can also call your friends and loved ones and play antakshari with them on a video call. If your significant other is living away from you, have a virtual date, you can both dress up and maybe cook the same dish and enjoy the video-date like it's the real one.


As they say "this too shall pass". Let's stay strong and follow all the guidelines and you will be out mingling with your friends in no time.


Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!!



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