Curious George has a field day!

Curious George has a field day!

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed the day to get all curious and fidgety about inexplicable events around the globe that haven't garnered a logical explanation till now. World over, Curious Events Day is celebrated on the 9th of October every year to mark the occurrence of seemingly illogical events and to encourage creative minds to mull over their causes. Dear Sherlocks & Watsons, it's time to whip out that detective kit and get cracking on a few of the crazy events that have baffled people ever since.

1. Poland's Crooked Forest

The Crooked Forest of Poland consists of a neat stretch of about 400 pine trees that exhibit a 90 degrees bend at their base, and a majority of them are bent northward. Interestingly this eerie patch of trees is followed by a larger forest of perfectly linear growing pine trees. Many conjectures emphasize that the pull of gravity could be a reason behind the weird J shape of the trees in this patch. However, gravity pulls objects down and not sideways. Also, the entire forest should have been affected and not just a particular patch of trees.

2. Milky Seas Effect

An oceanographical marvel, the Milky Seas Effect also referred to as mareel is a luminous phenomenon in the oceans in which large areas of seawater appear to glow brightly enough at night to be seen by satellites orbiting Earth. A plausible scientific explanation can be attributed to the bioluminescence of Dinoflagellates, Noctiluca scintillans. However, the bioluminescent bacteria are just not capable of illuminating the ocean from horizon to horizon, sometimes for days at a time, also with an intensity that is visible from the space. 

3. Jo Girardelli: Queen of Fire Eaters

Fire eaters are often the main attraction in circuses and fairs, however, there was one who truly beat them all.  In the 1800s, Jo Girardelli took the game to a whole new level by surviving the unthinkable of acts. She would swirl around nitric acid in her mouth and then spit it out on an iron bar which would melt however she would remain unscathed. Next, she would swallow a mouthful of boiling oil and would emerge unhurt from that as well. Be it molten wax, molten lead or pressing red hot shovels on her arm, absolutely nothing could get her down. 


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