10 Fun Dad Son Bonding Activity Ideas

10 Fun Dad Son Bonding Activity Ideas

Well, as they say, the son is but a reflection of his old man. Time spent bonding between father and son teaches positive principles, instills life long values and presents countless life lessons along the way. In today's times where there is a paucity of time, all that matters is the quality of the moments spent. We at Bigsmall.in, decided to do a fun list of activities that would go a long way in building the young man's character.

1. Spend a day fishing


2. Go on a camping adventure


3. Play a game of catch


4. Go to a sporting event


5. Take a road trip or vacation

6. Hit the golf course or driving range 

7. Ski down the slopes

8. Grill out


9. Build a workbench then start his tool kit

10. Go to a car show


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