Diwali Celebrations Done Right à la Bigsmall Style!

Diwali Celebrations Done Right à la Bigsmall Style!

Hey peeps! With the festival of lights and gaiety just around the corner and every corner of the house glittering and sparkly, one can't help but feel all festive. Team Awesome@Bigsmall sure knows how to throw one helluva party! This Diwali have a blast with your office buddies and let them know how much they brighten up your lives with their never-ending flow of creative ideas and witticisms. 

1. Deck up your office space with quirky lamps


Lamps have the uncanny ability to transform the vibes of any place. Dim the lights for a soft romantic effect or maybe turn them all on at once for a glittery, sparkly & festive effect. Team Bigsmall decided to make the best of both and surely had a blast coming up with the best Diwali office decor ever!

 With gifts as quirky as the decor, you can pick up some seriously awesome last-minute Diwali Gifts from the office. 

2. Quirky floor art

Quirky is our middle name, so regular rangoli designs weren't our cup of tea... After a fun brainstorming session, we decided to give the epitome of cuteness our Elly the Mascot a Diwali makeover. With a string of lamps upheld by his trunk, Elly promises to bring the gift of joy and light this festive season. 

3. Play a game of cards

Gather your colleagues, roll out a mat and bring on the fun card games with a deck of Golden Playing Cards.



4. Let your hair down with an awesome party 

As the evening draws nearer, wrap up your work as soon as you can and haul ass to the most lit party stop in your locality. Team Awesome decided to visit a cozy corner hidden in Hauz Khas Village with some great culinary options, live music, and unending booze. #WorkHardPartyHarder



Happy Diwali people! This is Team Bigsmall signing off...

PS: CNBC Awaaz paid a visit to the office of awesomeness for a feature on startups offering quirky gifts for every occasion.

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