Diwali Festivities Amidst the Pandemic- Slayin' Like a Pro!

Diwali Festivities Amidst the Pandemic- Slayin' Like  a Pro!

Quarantined and bored outta your mind? Well, that seems to be the flavor of the year. With the festival of lights and scrumptious sweets just around the corner, you can't help but look for ways to party hard and live it up like the days of yore! Team Awesome @Bigsmall.in has got a bag of tricks and treats rolled up their sleeves to celebrate Diwali during the pandemic, without letting Covid dampen the festive spirits. 

1. Decorate, Decorate and Decorate...

Lamps and lights have a magical way of alleviating the ambience of any place. Go cray cray with a whole plethora of quirky lamps at Bigsmall.in and do up your den in the most awesome way possible! Ranging from the beautiful Silver Patterned Paper Lantern, to the quirky Multi-Colored Modular Touch there is something to meet every whim and fantasy. Treat yourself and your home to these beauties and a lot more with tons of cool stuff at Bigsmall.in.

Star Curtain LED Lights - bigsmall.in

2. Cook, Eat, Make Merry!

Home is where the hearth is! Its time to channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and whip up the delicacies you have been dying to devour, from scratch. Whether it is the much loved Grandma's recipe of mouthwatering sweetmeats or that banoffee pie you have been eyeing for long, we say there couldn't be a better time to fulfil all your gastronomic delights. Looking for fun and practical Kitchen and Bar essentials?! View the entire collection here - Kitchen & Bar. Whip up your own festive recipes! What better way to celebrate the Diwali in the pandemic?

 3. Have virtual Zoom card parties

What's Diwali evening without the customary rounds of teen patti and other popular card games?! Home quarantined? That's no reason to stave off tradition. Create a Zoom meeting and send out the invites to all your loved ones. Psst... you can wet your whistles as well while you are it! Try the Drinking Game Cards - New Edition to up the quirk quotient. Diwali is all about spreading the joy and warm vibes, don't let Covid play spoiler. Enjoy celebrating Diwali during the pandemic even if it's in front of your laptop.

4. Clean those cupboards!

Amidst the fear of sounding like our moms, we would suggest that you could try emptying out your closet of clothes that no longer fit the bill. Make a parcel of all the old, washed clothes and drop it off at the nearest orphanage. #GoodVibesOnly! Need new storage organizers to sort out your freshly cleaned wardrobe? View the entire collection here- Storage Organizers. 

5. Organize a virtual diya lighting sesh!

Saving the best for the last, you could end up having tons of fun lighting diyas or lighting up air lanterns with your friends and family on a Zoom call. You could also have a virtual rangoli making competition and set the tone for the evening. Celebrating Diwali pandemic is no excuse to not decorate the house in colour and lights. 

The list is seemingly endless and you could have lots of fun with a zing of
quirkiness added to taste. Looking for the perfect Diwali gifts for your loved ones? Look no further as we bring an assorted collection of quirkily awesome festive gifts. View the entire collection here - Diwali Gifts.

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