DIY Handmade Christmas Cards For Your Loved Ones

DIY Handmade Christmas Cards For Your Loved Ones

Remember those times when you were in school and your teacher literally forced you to make cards on certain occasions. You started once and pretty soon it became a fun annual activity that you started doing on almost any and every occasion. God knows on how many occasions, we’ve saved face by giving a shabby handmade card and given it the name of personalization to look like the bigger, thoughtful person (Yes, we notice it. No, you didn’t get away with it).

Regardless of your religion or faith, the festival of Christmas since, childhood seems like a magical time. The influence of thousands of pop culture references, cartoons and songs make it seem somewhat relatable and of course, the added magic of winter only makes it a wonderland event of the season. But do you remember, as child, when you handmade Christmas cards, exchanged them with your friends and teachers or sincerely, wrote one to Santa Claus (I know I did and learned much later in life that it was all a big hogwash!), there was this bond and innocence attached to it that made the entire experience so wholesome. Something etched in your memory forever.

This blog is all about bringing back that tradition and in fact, taking it up a notch with handmade Christams card ideas and giving you tips on making DIY Christmas cards that will steal the spotlight this chilly season. Afterall, we at Bigsmall are your personal Santa Claus. So we’ve got something in store for you here as well!

Why You Should Consider Handmade Christmas Cards Over Other Presents

I think I have given you enough nostalgia above about your school days and how making Christmas cards was such a delight back then. But if you think about it in retrospect, as working adults who are actually living in such a rushed and hectic, mechanical world, handmade Christams cards are a great way to “stop and smell the flowers” (Well, not literally) but actually to reconnect with your inner child, your hidden painter, your budding writer or creator who doesn’t always get a chance to shine and truly test their creative horizons. Anyway, coming back to the main protagonists of this story, the receivers.


Ever wondered why the world is going gaga over personalization, customization and DIY these days? The answer is simple, it's a symbol of personality, quirk and a statement that says, “Hey, in this busy, fast-paced world, I thought of you and decided to dedicate my time to creating something that’s solely for you. Please accept a piece of my heart.”


Yeah yeah, that was pretty dramatic but this is pretty much the reason why unique handmade Christmas cards or DIY Christams cards are a whole lot better than other gifts that lack love, affection, quirkiness and personality, cause face it, every other person is doing it anyway. Your office/college/school’s Secret Santa is a great example of the same.

Throwing in a small token like a keychain, a fridge magnet, a coaster, a lapel, chocolates or flowers will further mystify your gesture. That’s how you can totally create a magical Christmas gift hamper for your loves ones. And don’t worry, just put all your energy into creating the most stunning handmade Xmas card, Bigsmall will take care of these little tokens for you with its huge collection of quirkiest gifts!

Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Action removes doubt. So let’s remove some of yours with these creative and fun handmade Christmas card ideas that you should definitely note down and keep handy!


  1. Snowglobe cards: Just add a small cutout at the frontside of the card in a circular shape, depicting the globe. Fill it with sequins, sparklers and buttons so that each time you shake it, there’s a sparkling movement.
  2. DIY ornament cards: This one could solely be about the several Christmas ornaments that are used to decorate the home and the tree. Create it using watercolors and your drawing skills. You can add a personalised message inside the card too.
  3. Snowflake wreath cards: You can use a cardboard paper of gingerbread colour and decorate the frontside using pastel snowflakes, pearls and buttons to design a precious snowflake wreath at the front side.
  4. Fingerprint light Christmas card: You can create a card full of colourful Christmas lights and hide secret, cute messages within the light strings. The unique touch to this card will be the finger painting.
  5. Gingerbread house cards: Capture the cosy and magical fairytale of the Gingerbread Man with these candy-themed cards. Make sure you add little gingerbread figurines too.
  6. Hot chocolate cards: Based on the winter season’s favourite drink, hot chocolate, you can cut up a paperstock in the shape of a mug of hot chocolate and add little marshmallows on top with a sweet, personalized message at the back. Create multiple variations using different coloured papers.

How To Make Your Christmas Cards Extra-Special

  • Add photos or pictures: Take out the polaroids and start running to the photo studios for this one. It always add a magical and personal charm to the Christmas cards. Who doesn’t like to see their favourite memories captured in cute handmade Christmas cards, right?
  • Add personalized messages: You did this as a kid with limited vocabulary, so I am pretty sure that as a smart adult you do have a lot more to say and express. Write thoughtful season’s greetings that could melt their heart and automatically make them put your card at a special spot in their home!
  • 3. Use stickers & emojis: Make it as interesting as possible with your stock of stickers and funny emojis. A little pizzazz and production value could do a lot for your unique handmade Christmas cards. You can create these yourself or run to the nearest stationary shop and grab a bunch.


Handmade Christmas card ideas can always be found in plenty, but make sure you first go with your instincts and have a rough idea of what you want to convey through your DIY card. After all, a gift worth thousands might not always have the charm that your little gesture of affection and kindness does (not to sound cheesy!). For your add-on gift options and last-minute Christmas gift shopping needs, or unique New Year gifts, has got your back for the widest collection of best gifts and a seamless shopping experience.


1. Do people like receiving handmade Christmas cards?

Yes, handmade Christmas card ideas have always been warmly received and cherished by people. If made thoughtfully with all the right elements and good amount of creativity, handmade Xmas cards can hold a special place in the receiver’s heart for years!

2. How to preserve handmade Christmas cards for a longer time?

Make sure you keep them away from dust, damp or fire. Framing them, adding them to a scrap book or placing them in transparent plastic covers are also great ways of preserving them.

3. Which paper is best for DIY handmade christmas cards?

If you Google handmade cards how to make Christmas cards, the number one suggestion will be 14 pt. cardstock paper, followed by matte paper. Avoid glossy or origami paper.

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