12 Fun & Quirky Messages From Secret Santa

12 Fun & Quirky Messages From Secret Santa

"Hear hear, one & all...

Santa's got his jingles on!

Ti's time to be merry & jolly y'all,

Don't forget to jiggle that paunch!"

Team Awesome@Bigsmall.in can't keep calm, cos ti's the season of giving and spreading joy! As we are excitedly ticking off the days until Christmas, we are sure that you are all equally looking forward to Secret Santa gift exchange activities at home or in the workplace. The term Secret Santa found a way into common parlance in the 1970s as a chance to exchange gifts amongst groups of people without revealing the identity of the giver. Need help in finding that best secret Santa gift for a colleague you secretly harbor a crush on? We have got you sorted amigos with the coolest, quirkiest secret Santa gifts online all just a couple of clicks away. View the entire collections here: Secret Santa gifts, Secret Santa gifts within Rs 500. Step up your Secret Santa game by thinking of fun secret Santa tasks for colleagues and quirky messages to go along with your gift. Here are some of our elves at work, dishing out the savory sugar & spice!

1. "I'm giggling & laughing & shouting with glee, I've left you another gift, I bet your ass you can't guess it's me!"

2. "Dashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh... Dropped by a package under your tree, it must be your Secret Santa hurrying on his way, trace his name if you may!"


3. There’s someone thinking about you and wishing you the best Christmas ever. It’s me, your Secret Pal! Merry Christmas!

4. "In through the door I flew like a flash set down your gift, I hope it's a smash!"


5. "Yummy yummy jingling tummy, a tasty tempting treat. Won't you be surprised when we finally meet?!"


6. "Snowman, elf & reindeer poop... We whisk you a merry kissmas!"

7. "Pa rum pum pum, Secret Santa has come. Pa rum pum pum, cheers to the fun, cos it has finally begun!"

8. " Who's your Secret Santa? You'll probably never find out! So you better not pry & you better not pout!"

9. "Secret pal, although you may not know my name, you are special to me just the same!"

10. "Chuck out the distress, throw on the new dress. Cos its Christmas and we should seal it with a kiss!"

11. "Your gift is Lit, your boss ain't. Don't blurt out my name, and spoil the game!"

"Dream & wish for a white Christmas. But if the white runs out, binge on the red!"

We hope you enjoyed and found your favorite Secret Santa message, cos we sure had a blast putting 'em together. Looking for amazing Christmas gifts and goodies? Fret no more, just keep that credit card handy cos we have got a cartload of Christmas gifts and Christmas gifts for guys waiting to be explored. Happy shopping!

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