Green Living - How to reuse bubble wrap

Green Living - How to reuse bubble wrap

Hey peeps! So you have been shopping for really cool mugs, lamps, collectibles, etc. with the quirkiest gift portal ever, but what about the packaging once you have unboxed your gift?! Throwing away the bubble wrap post a fun session of popping away at its enticing kernels seems a doable idea. What if there were cooler, more environment friendly ways to recycle this particular item of packaging? Time to get creative ladies and gentlemen! Team Awesome@Bigsmall, cooked up some really innovative yet doable ideas for reusing bubble wrap. A little note, you may wanna channelize that inner 5 year old and refrain from popping those bubbles. 

1. Reuse bubble wrap when shipping your own packages: 

OK, this one may seem a no-brainer but nevertheless it is an efficient way of reducing your carbon footprint. Bubble wrap is pretty easy to reuse and can be perfect for wrapping vases, housewarming gifts and the likes of it. 

2. Can be used for storing fragile household goods: 

Bubble wrap is great for packing and storing your crockery and other fragile goods that you rarely use and save for important occasions. You can pull a Monica (F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference, an organisational freak for the uninformed), and pack your fragile stuff really well! But hey, you gotta keep those bubbles unpopped!

3. Insulate your plants:

For those who love gardening and love their potted plants more than their own babies, bubble wrap is a blessing in disguise indeed. The air and plastic combination of the bubble wrap makes for an awesome insulator material. Since winter is coming and you wouldn't want your leafy babies to catch a cold, you could try keeping them all warm, toasty and snuggled up by securing them with a little bubble wrap. Lightly tuck it in some bubble wrap and secure it with tape, or you could also cover the planter with some of the bubbly stuff to prevent the soil and the roots from catching frosty toes! 

4. Stuff handbags and shoes:

Sneaker heads would totally dig this piece of info. Keep those pair of kicks in mint condition by stuffing in some bubble wrap (unpopped), and you can safely fight off the damage caused by collapsing and creasing when you transport them. Ladies, that Louis Vuitton bag, you just blew half your salary on can be kept in shape too!

5. Keep food fresh:

Ordered a lasagna last night and got some leftovers for breakfast? Chill, you have got this dude. Pull out some bubble wrap, wash it thoroughly, let it dry, and wrap it over your dish, voila! You are all set, breakfast is sorted. Also, it beats regular old cellophane by virtue of possessing greater insulation abilities. Talk about being innovative!

6. DIY Art and Craft:

Enough with the practical uses, time to get all creative and artsy. Did you know, that there is a tonne of cool stuff you could create out of the humble bubble wrap lying somewhere forgotten in the corner? Kids could have a helluva time by making paper plate snakes, bubble wrap Indian corn, while the grownups could find new ways to deck up their walls by trying Juicy Bubble Wrap Typography!

With Diwali just around the corner (27th October, 2019), you could start getting all creative and lighten up the interiors of your home with Eco friendly lamps and other home decor ideas



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