Heartwarming Marriage Wedding Gifts for Friends within a budget of Rs 1000

Heartwarming Marriage Wedding Gifts for Friends within a budget of Rs 1000

Marriage is considered one of the most auspicious occasions in the life of an individual. It is a process of joining two people in a bond that putatively lasts for a lifetime. And it involves a lot of interesting rituals that is believed to make the relationship of the bride and groom strong.

Wedding season is no less than a festival when people are engaged in dancing, dressing up and having lots of mouth-watering food. But when it is your friend’s wedding, you are more than just a guest. And of course, you would be thinking of giving an amazing gift to your friend on such a special day of their life. Finding some o the perfect marriage gifts for friends budget Rs 1000 must appear as a difficult job. We at Bigsmall have got a long list of gifts on our website, which make the best kind of marriage gifts.

Ganesh Lantern

We Indians believe that before starting something new, we all pray to Lord Ganesha to get his blessings for a good omen. And since your friend is about to start his/her new life, the this Ganesh Lantern is the best gift that you can ever think of. The lantern is an amazing home decor which you can hang anywhere in the hall area. It is made up of beautiful paper and is a handcrafted one to enhance its beauty. Also, it can fit any kind of bulb of your choice and provide a perfect glow to your home.

Wedding Pop-Up Card


Giving a card on any occasion is considered a formal yet special gesture because it helps you to connect to the other person better by writing a short message on it. The Wedding Pop-Up Card is an amazing pick as it is perfectly in sync with the occasion. The card is intricately designed to showcase the love of the newly married couple with the abundance of hearts on it. The red-white colour of the card adds to its beauty and gives a perfect wedding feels. You can easily avail this card on our website.

Ring Holder

Most of the females love to wear rings, especially after marriage because wearing ornaments and dressing up becomes a mandate. While doing the household chores, it gets difficult to handle rings and you might end up placing it here and there. This ring holder helps you to store your precious rings safely at one place and reduces the risk of losing them. This is the best wedding gift that you can give to your female friend as it will provide aid in managing one of the different activities she has to take up after starting the new phase of her life.

Scratch World Map

Marriage is a long journey and couples take a lot of effort in making this journey a happy and a prosperous one. Travel is one of the best ways to recreate and enjoy along with your life partner. Gifting your friend this Scratch World Map is like gifting them an idea to travel all across the globe and explore every bit with their loved one. This map will help them keep a track record of all the places they have already visited and also the ones they are yet to visit.

Inflatable Ring Balloon

The Inflatable Ring Balloon is a giant balloon in the shape of a ring and is a perfect home decor item which your friend can use while decorating her new home. Rings are somewhat a symbol of marriage as this new relation starts with a ring ceremony. It makes the perfect wedding gift for a friend who loves to wear rings. You can give this to your friend before he/she goes for a wedding photo shoot as this can be used as a prop and can add a special effect to those pictures.

Make your friend’s marriage more special for him/her by giving them these thoughtful and unique wedding gifts which would make a useful article for later use. Other than the above-mentioned ones, we have got a number of outstanding gifts with unique style and creative design. Before you pick one, just go to our website and choose the best one for your dear friend.

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