5 HouseWarming Gifts You Shouldn't Miss

5 HouseWarming Gifts You Shouldn't Miss
Few things are more exciting than moving into a new home! Every empty space offers limitless potential and the promise of a fresh start. Housewarming gifts are a great way to capture the spirit of newness and help residents feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place. Moving to a new home is a scary and exciting at the same time, but it can be made less scary and even more exciting with the kindness of friends and strangers. So for that new neighbor upstairs, or that friend who just moved far away, or your favorite couple who just bought their first place, here are 5 House-Warming gifts you shouldn't miss


1. Something Scented and beautiful?!

Scented Candles are considered some of the best housewarming gifts. Back in the day, candles symbolized the gift of light for the person’s new home, but these days they’re perfect for use in the bathroom or kitchen to keep the new house smelling clean and fresh at all times.
With intricate rosy structure, this scented rose candle is a perfect treat for a new house. This candle is created with a unique blend of pure essential oils and can bring scents of blooming roses into a room. So make sure to gift your friends some floral luxury for their new home

Rose Candle

2. Warm,Comfy and oh! So adorable!

    Add some coziness and quirkiness to their new home with these adorable happy floor rugs. Rugs are the perfect accessory to welcome tired feet after a busy day, and add softness and warmth to any room. These happy floor rugs can brighten up any space instantly and add cheers to the new décor.

    Happy Floor Rugs

    3. Furniture that is stylish and actually saves space?!!!

      Moving to a new home is a lot of work! This Portable Inflatable Couch can lend a hand to your friends and relatives and can save them those tiring and boring furniture shopping trips. This instant inflatable couch is fun & simple to inflate. The couch inflates with air in a few moments to provide seating and packs away easily into a carrying case. When you’re done lounging, just deflate, store and off you go

      BigSmall Air Couch

      4. A gift that screams stylish and crazy at the same time

        One of the best parts about moving into a new apartment is showing it off to your friends and family members. That’s why housewarming parties are so much fun– And Nothing says “congratulations and party hard” like these wooden mugs to sip the party drinks! Giift these classy and antique mugs to your loved ones and let them throw the hottest party for their new home-sweet-home

        Wooden Mugs - bigsmall.in
        Wooden Mugs

        5.Gift some blessings and good health

          We know how stressful it is to pack everything and move into a new life- a new home. Gift this cool and comfy bottle humidifier to your loved ones to improve their health, increase their energy, and help them relax and sleep like a baby at the end of a tiring day

          Bottle Humidifier

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