How good are you with gobbledygook? #InternationalTongueTwisterDay

How good are you with gobbledygook? #InternationalTongueTwisterDay

Hey peeps! Been a while since you got tongue-tied? Pun totally intended by the way... It's time to start practicing those tongue twisters that either won you the title of the master tongue twister or had others rolling down the aisle with hilarious outcomes of your innumerable attempts. Get ready for the roller coaster of a day ahead, as the 10th of November 2019 is the day to slay with your tongue twister skills. Here are some fun tongue twisters. Ready, set, shoot!

1.  One for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans! #PrincessConseulaBananaHammock

2. For overthinking is something we are so blessed with, some wages would be welcome in return!

3. Cos see-saw is love whether 3 or 30

4. Do you smell skunks up here?

5. When you are bored AF and wanna try somefink lit...

And obviously our childhood staple...

Stay logged in for more fun coming your way. Team Bigsmall signing off, Rajni style!

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