How to Celebrate Love this Bromance Day!

How to Celebrate Love this Bromance Day!

Right from childhood, some of us made a lot of friends and some of us made only a few, but as we grew up, they became more of our bros, our chosen family, didn't they? We call them up to share every tiniest detail of our lives, our mood swings, our existential crisis, our frustrations and well, basically anything and everything. And even if we don't sometimes, they know us well enough to know when something's up. Yeah, that happens. Our bros are our partners in crime, be it that long drive at two in the morning, or that impromptu therapy session of Netflix and endless ice-cream because of that break-up you never saw coming! We love them and we cannot imagine our life without them.


Going all the way back, yeah, it began as a day quintessentially reserved for men - their "manly bros" connection and their platonic yet affectionate bond with each-other that mattered like family (and of course that's best expressed by our gifts for guys collection) but gradually it grew to be so much more! This awesome day specially reserved for our bros, gives us an occasion to celebrate our bond with them (not that we need it), be them our "bachpan ka dost" or our younger, irritating sibling suddenly turned into our secret-keeper. Here, in 2021, we get to celebrate it on 14th August with all bros alike. The only benchmark being, having your bros with you!

We could share some awesome ways to chill out on this Bromance Day and of course you'd want to know, wouldn't you? 


  • Go out with your bros on a long drive! Because that one's never executed, is it?
  • You could always stay in, and have a binge-marathon of your favorite series! (We prefer Friends above all, could there BE any other option!) Add your favorite comfort food and favorite PJs and voila! The most fun night ever!
  • Take your wing-man or wing-woman and cook that fancy meal together that you've been planning and putting off for so many months now! 
    • Go for a hike with the gang! Relive those singing sessions along with the trek! It'll be nostalgic and oh-so-fun!

      So many of our bros turn out to share bonds with us that are sweet and spicy and well, so close to our hearts! So express that love! With our unique gifts, you could show just how much your bros mean to you! Be it that Potter-head Bro who would love harry potter themed gifts or the fashion diva, who would drool over some stylish jewellery, we've got you covered on all fronts! 

      We do realise that for those bonds that need no words, actions and gestures of love speak more prominently, don't they? And those gestures could be to send a creative pop card for that friend to show your affection, or a beautiful bedside lamp because that bookworm friend of yours loves reading so much at night, or simply a classy pocket watch because she just loves vintage artifacts! We're gonna go ahead and tie that thread of love, friendship and warmth on our Bros' wrist. With our funky, crazy and unique rakhis, you could do it too! Be is for that elder sis you never thought could become so close that you'd call her your Bro, or that annoying last bencher who helped you through your exams and emotional crisis and now is your mate, your Bro! Our rakhi gift sets would fit the parameters of showing them without words just how much special they are! Go see the rakhi gifts for brothers collection we have (because it's epic)! And the unique gifts for girls collection because who said bros are only boys, right?

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      And yeah, rakhis are not only set apart for our brothers. They're a token of love for all those Bros out there who got your back! And they need to know you got theirs too!

      Now go on, go thank them for putting up with you. :D

      It's Bromance Day!

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