Kickass Female Superheroes of all times

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We have grown used to seeing most television and movie versions of our favourite superhero teams featuring the tough, chiseled, square-jawed male heroes front and centre. Now, we are beginning to see their female counterparts stealing the limelight.
Join us as we take a look back, on the occasion of Women's day  and in some cases forward to the near future, and attempt to rank the 10 most powerful female superheroes ever depicted on screen.


1. Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman is probably the most popular female superhero in comic history. She part of DC’s “Trinity,” with Batman and Superman. Since her debut she’s been a symbol of strength, hope, and justice; an icon. Wonder Woman, depending on how you look at it, is either a child of a god (a demigod, if you will) or a goddess herself. She’s gone head-to-head with Superman himself (remember, 2017’s Justice League) and came out without a scratch and this endearing little version of Wonder  Woman action figure is a constant reminder of her grit and determination.


2. Captain Marvel



Captain Marvel is someone we’ve haven’t really seen in live-action before, but with her appearance teased in Avengers: Infinity War, as well the trailer for her upcoming film having been released, we felt it was safe to include her in this list. The bottom line is that she is the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She possesses superhuman strength and the ability to channel vast amounts of cosmic power into energy blasts, plus she can also fly. Get this cute little Captain Marvel bobblehead as you revel in the excitement of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.


3. Supergirl



As such, due to our yellow sun, she possesses superhuman strength, superhuman endurance, near-invulnerability, heat vision, ice breath, and she can fly. She’s basically overpowered when it comes to everyone else in the Arrow verse (and many characters have said as much). She’s definitely someone you want in your corner when battling bad guys.

4. Jean Grey



Arguably the most powerful mutant in the Marvel universe, Jean Grey possesses almost unlimited telepathy and telekinesis powers that, if unchecked, probably would dwarf those of Professor Xavier. This god-like power comes from the Phoenix Force, which, depending on how the films tackle it, is either an extraterrestrial essence that inhabits her or simply the unchecked raw side of her abilities that yearns to break free.


5. Scarlet Witch



With Fox’s mutant characters being brought under the Marvel umbrella, we might start to see a bit more story and exploration into Wanda Maximoff's character, known as the Scarlet Witch. Cinematically we’ve seen her use her powers of telekinesis and levitation, as well as create force-fields and do some crazy reality-warping on people’s minds.


6. Mystique


Mystique is an anti-hero that we’ve been able to see two incarnations of on the big screen.  Mystique is a villain, but the more recent X-Men films have cast her in a heroic light (in the years before she turned evil).  Mystique is a shape-shifter who's relentlessly loyal to Magneto with a monumental disdain for non-mutants. She’s a complex character whose ability to mimic just about anyone at any time makes her into a very dangerous adversary.


7. Storm



Though the female hero archetype has too often been cast as second-fiddle to the patriarchy, Storm’s portrayal is the closest to her powerful comic counterpart. Her power is virtually god-like and she was actually worshipped as a goddess in Africa. Her weather-manipulation powers are incredible and she has to be very adept in their use. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.


8. Rogue



Rogue is a truly powerful mutant but the films relegate her to a young damsel-in-distress who needs protection from the evil mutants. We are shown a version of Rogue struggling to understand her power-siphoning or life-draining abilities as well whether or not to “cure” herself of them altogether. If it wasn’t for this unfortunate storyline, Rogue would most definitely rank higher.


9. The Wasp



She is a skilled fighter, possesses a genius-level intellect, and has mastered the use of her father’s ant-communication and shrinking technology. All this was before she ever put on the super-powered outfit of the Wasp. While small, she still maintains her full-size strength and durability. Also, the process by which she shrinks allows for compression of force and momentum which is augmented when used as she returns to full size. Plus she’s got some cool gauntlets that fire energy blasts and can fly. Bottom line: she’s one tough cookie!


10. Black Widow


Though she doesn’t possess any superhuman abilities, she has shown herself more than capable of taking on and defeating foes much more powerful than herself. She’s highly trained and extremely dangerous, and she is a legend to all those in the spy world.

With the theme of IWD being balance for better, these female superheroes are changing the face of this male dominated sphere by making a mark of their own and creating their own fan following.

Happy Women's Day!

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