Last Minute Rakhi Gifts for your Sister (Because you need it, don't you?)

Last Minute Rakhi Gifts for your Sister (Because you need it, don't you?)

Oh, the festival of celebration of the sweet and spicy bond with our siblings shows so many shades of love! And no matter you fight 24x7, you do look forward to Raksha Bandhan, don't you? We do too! It is a roller-coaster of emotions but oh-so-worth-it! 

With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, we'd ask you if you're all set with your special outfits, and hacks to decorate your beautiful thalis, and of course, how can we forget the Rakhi gifts! As we are very well-versed with our not so planning in advance approach to the whole process of gift giving, starting from what to buy, where to buy it from, when to buy it (so that it delivers on time and what not, and the list goes on), we'd ask you, are you freaking out yet about what to gift your 'pyaari behna'? We know you haven't decided yet! So we have taken it upon ourselves to help you out! Because, hey, you need it, and we got your back! Simple! Although finding gifts for girls is easy but can be confusing because there are so many options out there. But when we curate options for you of rakhi gift set for sister, who could possibly say no! It's like having someone do our work for us, and that always gives us more time to laze around some more and of course for Netflix and that's just plain nice. Isn't it?

So, assuming the role of Tinkerbell with a tinge of pixie-dust, we present to you a lifesaving list of last minute rakhi gifts for your sister that are going to be a whiff of relief for you. Be it the rakhi gift for kid sister or rakhi gift for bhabhi, have a look and choose the one you want from an all ready list that is handpicked, creative and simply wonderful! Don't know what to gift your sister on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan? Then you can get awesome last minute gift ideas for sister. Search for a rakhi gift for elder sister online, and choose from the trending items. It's tricky to figure out last minute gift ideas for sister, but with research; you will find exciting surprises. Here is a list of gifts for sister on raksha bandhan.

Shall we?

1. Golden Veil Rutile Quartz Pendant With Chain

The first and foremost, Jewellery! (Because every woman likes jewellery!) *duh* This gorgeous, authentic natural gemstone pendant is simply perfect to make your sister smile wide as she unwraps this beauty. And what's more, it'd go splendidly with any outfit! She'd absolutely love it! And you could have a look at jewellery for girls section to find something else to go with it if you're feeling that overflow of love (and guilt) for not selecting a gift for her earlier.

2. Panda Touch Silicon Lamp

"I hate Pandas!", said, no girl ever! Yes, I speak unanimously when I say that. Pandas are the most adorable creatures on the face of this earth, period. Wouldn't it be wonderful when the colorful LED lights of the Panda Lamp lighten up her pretty room with just one pat to the cute panda, whenever she wishes! Do not forget to see our exceptional and cute lamps for another addition to your collection.

Last Minute Rakhi Gifts 2

3. Travel Neck Pillow

This Travel Neck Pillow is ideal for your sister. It would also make the perfect fit for that one who loves travelling! This magical comfort to her travels will be oh-so-worth-it! Go on have a look at our travel essentials to add anything that clicks to you for her, and also don't forget to check out the other collection for more surprises!

 4. Magical Unicorn Rainbow Ear Studs

Earrings are an evergreen, ever-needed accessory (though, different girls prefer different sorts of earrings- danglers, studs and what nots) on an everyday basis. This one will be cherished by her, undoubtedly. Cute and adorable unicorn-rainbow earring will uplift her mood! It is one of the great rakhi gift ideas for sister (kinda like a shortcut to a great gift!)

 5. Harry Potter Quidditch Broom Chain

Is she a Potterhead? Well, your work got A LOT easier! We have got the perfect gift for the one eagerly waiting for their Hogwarts letter! This Harry Potter Quidditch Broom Chain full of magic spells and a remanence of walk down the Diagon Alley. It would definitely make her jump up and down with excitement! What's more, you could sneak a quick look at the Harry Potter gifts we have, and you'll certainly end up with some more things she'll love you so much more for getting her!


6. Decorative Storage Box

Now, all that jewellery and no stylish way to showcase it? That's a bust! Gift her this captivating and oh-so-chic Decorative Storage Box, it's is just what she needs. She's bound to be grateful to you for this one. 


7. Galaxy Expandable Bookend

Is she a Bookworm? Does she love the smell of old books and has reached a point where there are so many books and yet she feels they are just not enough? For her never-ending love for her dear books, gift her this Galaxy Expandable Bookend for if she has those many books, she definitely likes to keep them organized! For her love of organizing things you could always add gifts for her from our storage organizers collection.


8. 3D Bear Mug With Lid & Spoon

Is she obsessed with her collection of mugs like we are? Then look no further, this precious and cute beyond words 3D Bear Mug is just what you need to get her. With the cutest little bear looking up at her and accompanying her from the inside of the cup, it is bound to lift her spirits on the days she's feeling blue. Also, go see the cute mugs we have, to pair it up with another one for yourself!


9. Personalized Photo Strip Wall Hanging

Go the extra mile and make some extra effort. Select your and her best pictures together and get her this Personalized Photo Strip Wall Hanging. With the magical touch of your happy-sweet memories, this one will make her smile and cry at the same time. Also, she's gonna cherish it for a lifetime! Like the idea? Go see the personalised gifts we have and choose something special to go with this one.

Last Minute Rakhi Gifts 9

10. Rawr 3D Dinosaur Mug

Another adorable mug coming your way! (Because when can we have enough of those, right?) So, this would surely make her so happy and hug you with excitement! Pair this absolute delight with the one of the cute bobbleheads we have and you've got yourself the best gift ever for your behna!

So, did you find the perfect gift yet?

We sure hope you did, (we wouldn't want her to fight with you for not getting her, her rightful gift.) Rakhi gifts depict love and trust, so send rakhi surprises to your loved ones. You can give unique jewelry, accessories, or geek presents as Rakhi gifts for sister. Rakhi gifts for brother can be exciting too; choose something that may reflect his personality.


1. What do sisters receive for Rakhi?

One of the most typical and traditional gifts offered during Raksha Bandhan is clothing. The brother's action towards his sister is a metaphor for support and defense.

2. What is the meaning of a rakhi? How do brothers & sisters share the bond of love?

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, sisters often fasten thread bracelets known as rakhis to their brothers' wrists. The rakhi represents their unwavering love, which also offers protection.

3. What is the best way to surprise my sister on Rakhi?

Always choose anything that your sibling has been recommending for a while. Choosing presents like customized mugs, pillows, houseplants, and amusing face masks might be perfect.

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