How to show you care on Women's day

How to show you care on Women's day

Though a lot of you would agree to the fact that women don’t need a special day to celebrate their greatness, it isn’t so bad after all to have a day showcasing your love and respect for women, who define our lives to a great extent. And, if you are in a relationship with that someone special, then it’ll be sinful to leave an opportunity in making her standout from the crowd, especially on International Women’s Day!

If you are still wondering what you will do to make your lady love go over the moon this Women’s Day, here’s a look at 5 lovely ideas that’ll surely make her day a rather memorable one.


1. Give her a break

Women are known to be great multitaskers and guess this very multi-management renders them tired most of the time. This Women’s Day, ensure your partner gets that well-deserved break from her hectic corporate/personal life. Let her do what she wants on this day, or even better - do nothing at all! Let her laze around, give orders and do everything she usually doesn’t do. Pamper her with a Personalized Wonder Woman Gift Set because isn't she the wonder woman of your life, after all?


2. Plan an all girls luncheon/trip on her behalf

Women spend their lives tending for others and often put their own plans on the back burner to accommodate family plans and professional engagements and on this special day, the least you can do is plan a small get-together/trip (if there’s enough time at hand) for your lady love. All you need to do is get in touch with her favourite girls and send them off for a few hours of absolute bliss! Surprise her with the best gift for her when she comes back.

3. Take her on a ‘Thank You’ date

When was the last time you took out time to thank her from the bottom of your heart for being the woman that she is and most importantly for holding onto the pieces of what you call ‘life’? Well, there can’t be a better day than International Women’s Day to actually take her out on a special date and thank her for everything she’s done for you. Also, ensure you take her to her favourite restaurant!

4. Buy her a gift

It might sound as a cheesy idea to some, but let’s not debate the fact that women do love surprise gifts, especially an out of the blue Women's day gift. So, get your brain to some work and find out what’s that one thing your woman has really wanted for long – well, that’s simple, isn’t it guys? If your woman isn’t too good at accepting gifts, then simply buy her a flower. We’re pretty sure, she’ll not be able to say no to your sweet gesture.


5. Cook for her

Cooking a simple meal with all your love, for the love of your life can be the most romantic and thoughtful thing a man can do for a woman. Believe us, this trick never fails! And, if you are actually out of ideas for Women’s Day, this could be your winning moment. Just Google the recipe of a simple meal , wear your chef's hat, align your kitchen tools and make her day.

#Celebrate her
Celebrate Her! A performer performs for a thundering crowd and so are the special women in our lives! Celebrate them for everything that they do!

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