Product Of The Week - Christmas Gift Set - 3 Pcs

Product Of The Week - Christmas Gift Set - 3 Pcs

Are you counting down the days till Christmas? We sure are. Christmas is the time to light up your house, eat good food, and sing songs but more than that it's about coming together and counting our blessings. It brings happiness to people. With so much to prepare it sure gets a bit overwhelming, but don't worry for we're here for you and we'll do what we do best. We'll make your gifting experience fun and stress-free.

This week we present to you Christmas Gift Set. The set includes Beer Bottle Belt Holster, Rainbow Wine Glasses - Set of 4, and LED Foldable Lantern Lamp.



You cannot walk around by being attached at the waist with your best bud but you can do so with your best drink. Here is the perfect Beer Bottle Belt Holster for you to hold your beer when you enjoy a drink while working around the house. Environment friendly belt material, mood friendly drink material! Enjoy the fruity tones of light-bodied Juicy Red wines such as Pinot Noir, Carignan, etc. in your unique wine glasses. Take these glasses to a wine-tasting event or gift them to wine connoisseurs. Lights and trees are an integral part of Christmas so we present a lamp that is in shape of a tree. Not only that but it can be used as a mirror when switched off. It works as a lamp when switched on - giving a beautiful 360-degree optical illusion while lighting up your room colorfully. Perfect for any space lighting for all your camping needs. Enjoy a small design and brilliant, adjustable lighting.

The beauty of this gift set is that it is specially curated for the Christmas season making your gift hunting experience a little easier. We understand if gift sets aren't your thing and if you're looking for some budget-friendly options, check out our Christmas gift under Rs.500 collection.

Liked what you saw? Stay a little longer and browse our entire Xmas gifts collection. Happy shopping!!!

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