Quirky Diwali decor ideas for ringing in wealth and prosperity

Quirky Diwali decor ideas for ringing in wealth and prosperity

As we gear up for bringing in the festive cheer this 27th of October, some spring cleaning, getting rid of old stuff and sprucing up your interiors is something one may wanna consider. Be it your home or office interiors there are a plethora of options one can explore and that too without spending a bomb. 

Home decor ideas within Rs 500 

1. Ganesh Lantern - Set of 2

Bring home the benevolence and wisdom of Lord Ganesha, with the beautifully crafted Ganesh lantern - set of 2. Made of handcrafted paper and available in soothing colour variants, it works well with all sorts of bulbs and renders a warm festive glow to any corner that it inhabits.



2. Memo Dart Board

This Diwali, revamp the way you hang up your to-do lists. Infuse the fun of playing darts with staying organized with the funky new Memo Dart Board. The mini darts double up as push up pins and it is a fun addition to a kid's room.



3. Ring Holder

Keep your rings safe while you go about your daily chores in the aesthetically designed Ring Holders. Available in 2 design variants, elephant and swan, these are truly a steal deal!


5. Wine Guide Poster

While you are setting up the interiors of your home with cool new stuff, how could one sideline the bar? Learn a thing or two about a range of wines every time you glance at the walls with the informative yet classy Wine Guide Poster. Truly a must-have for any wine connoisseur, this is pretty much the perfect housewarming gift for an oenophile. 


Home decor ideas within Rs 1600 

1. Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

Bring a little Parisian charm into the interiors of your home with the beautiful Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp. This USB powered lamp is the perfect housewarming gift for a traveller at heart and for someone who loves to bring a touch of class to their home interiors.


2. Ganesha Incense Burner

With an adorable little Ganesha sitting cross-legged near the incense burner, this is the perfect home decor item or housewarming gift to bring in the Diwali feels! Unlike the regular incense burners, here the smoke flows downwards.



3. Wooden Owl Coasters - Set of 6

Bid adieu to unwanted drink rings on your perfect wooden furniture with the beautiful Wooden Owl Coasters. Goddess Lakshmi is gonna be pleased too!

4. Sea Tint Whiskey Glasses - Set of 6

This Diwali serve whiskey on the rocks in equally classy glasses. Bring home a touch of class with the Sea Tint Whiskey Glasses, or make a gift of it.


5. Italian Classic Whiskey Decanter

When it comes to storing your exquisite malts nothing less than the best decanter will do. The Luigi Bormioli Italian Whiskey Decanter, an unparalleled product in terms of quality & superlative craftsmanship, is the perfect accouterment to your Evan Williams Bourbon & Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.


Office decor ideas within Rs 500 

1. Genius At Work Tin Board

The perfect board to hang above your cubicle when you are hard at work, this one will let you say it all with a sign. 



2. Record Coasters - Set of 2

 Set the record straight on your office desk with the retro-chic Record Coasters - Set of 2. Made of silicone, they are the perfect gift for neat freaks who also love vintage records.


3. Multi-Function Clip Holder

How many times did you lose an important document because you knocked over a cup of Cappucino on it? Fret no more, with the ingenious Multi-Function Clip Holder, you can now easily keep your coffee cups, stationery items, smartphones at an arm's reach without running the risk of knocking 'em over. 

4. Batman Paper Clip - Set of 2

The perfect stationery gift for someone who is a diehard fan of the Dark Knight, this one is bound to delight. This Batman-themed paper clip cum bookmark is the stuff that will not only keep your loose sheets together but also help your half-read novel look ultra-chic.

5. Floppy Coasters - Set of 2

In an era where storage capacities of memory chips are going up and their sizes are getting smaller, dare to go retro and pay a tribute to the comparatively colossal grandad of the memory chips, the Floppy! 


Office decor ideas within Rs 1500

1. Cactus Desktop Organizer

Say goodbye to the frantic search for stationery items with the cool Cactus Desktop Organizer. With a hollowed-out section, the organizer can hold all your pens, pencils, scissors, rulers, staplers and other stationery items. The cactus magic doesn't only end there - the longer branch is magnetic in nature, so you can not only hang your rubber bands but stick your paperclips and safety pins too! 


2. Mobile Stand With Amplifier

Feel like watching a movie on your smartphone on a particularly dull day, but fretting over the low volume levels on your device? Gift yourself the uber-chic, Mobile Stand With Amplifier. This Mobile Stand with an inbuilt amplifier is the solution to all your problems. It is made of bamboo and naturally amplifies any sound on the phone. Whether you use the phone to make a video call or watch movies on it, the amplifier will ensure a clear, perfect volume.

3. YouToDo Wall Chart

Let this Luckies of London product keep you motivated to have fun. With a creative checklist, this one will keep you on the edge!

4. Table Tennis Rubberpad Notebooks - Set of 3

Add a little sporty fun to your post-lunch breaks with the cool, ingenious Table Tennis Rubberpad Notebooks - Set of 3. This is a set of 3 notebooks - two table tennis bats and one net! Whether you want to jot down your ideas, write about your feelings or you're just looking for some fun at work or in class, these notebooks can do it all!

5. Captain America Shield LED Lamp

Marvel fans are so gonna love this! Cheer up your officedecors with the quirky Avengers-themed Captain America Shield Lamp. 

Team Awesome@Bigsmall is more than happy to help with you tonnes of more home decor ideas. What you see is exactly what you get, feel free to drop in a WhatsApp message at 9818407888 to ask for real-time product pictures or maybe just to say a hello!



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