5 Fun Rakhi Celebration Ideas

5 Fun Rakhi Celebration Ideas

As the 3rd of August 2020 draws nearer, brothers and sisters are in a fix toying with over a hundred ideas to make their first BFF's day fun and memorable. Team Bigsmall not only offers loads of creative rakhi gifts for brothers and sisters but also has fun ideas for making the day even more special. If you haven't yet zeroed in on the rakhi you are gonna send to your brother, we have got you covered with amazing personality-specific rakhis for every type of brother out there. Send rakhi to brother dearest or to sis-in-law in any corner of the world with our express delivery system.

1. DIY gifts

 If your sibling is a DIY project fan, make a day of it with fun DIY gift sets and puzzles. A fun bonding activity, as you craft functional movable items using natural wood, you will definitely get in touch with the childhood banter and special memories. Peruse through a range of authentic Ukranian gears puzzles such as Ugears Roadster VM-01 Mechanical Puzzle, etc. 

2. Marvel Movie Marathon

Summer holidays and evenings post-school were spent re-enacting scenes from superhero movies. If you are blessed with an elder brother or sister who introduced you to the marvelous world of superheroes make the festival of rakhi even more memorable by watching re-runs of all the MCU or DC flicks till now. While you are at it, surprise brother dearest with the personality-specific Rakhi Gift Set.


3. Go on a road trip!

Now, who doesn't love road trips? Plan one with your childhood travel partner and go biking, hiking or whatever it takes to get the adrenaline flowing! While you are at it, don't forget to throw in some travel essentials so that you just focus on enjoying the trip and safely forget about other hassles. 


4. Book a spa appointment

No, that's not weird! Book an appointment for the two of you at the nearest spa centre and sit back and relax. As you de-stress, chances are you would possibly find it easier to reconnect and talk over any issues that may have bothered you in the past.


5. Play fun card games!

What better way to reconnect with siblings and cousins, than getting sloshed and playing fun drinking card games?! We at Bigsmall.in have the funniest, most crass, outrageous & fun card games such as Drinking Game Cards, Wtf Did You Say Playing Cards, Cards Against Muggles.


Even if your sibling is on another continent, ensure that he doesn't feel homesick by sending him his favourite personality-specific rakhi with a personalized handwritten note just the way you would have done it! Drop-in a message request and we will ensure that personal touch along with the chosen gift.



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