Rose Day: Quotes and Greetings to Send to Your Loved One

Rose Day: Quotes and Greetings to Send to Your Loved One

The lovely and fragrant Rose Day marks the start of the most romantic and eagerly anticipated Valentine's week. Roses hold a special place in the hearts of couples as representations of intense love and affection. On the day of love, couples surprise each other by sending a lovely Rose Day greeting, Happy Rose Day wishes, a Rose Day Message, and a Happy Rose Day SMS. Since these blossoms are crucial to people's lives, a special day has been set aside for them during the most romantic season of the year. With a beautiful wish, you can gift your loved ones roses in various colours depending on your relationship with them.

Rose Day Messages for Girlfriend

There is no denying that most girls find red roses to be particularly alluring. They love receiving these colourful flowers from the people they care about, whether it's on their birthday, an anniversary, or Valentine's Day. You can make the day special by getting a Valentine gift for girlfriend.

Rose Day Messages for Boyfriend

You adore and admire how he cares for you, makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and loves you unconditionally. No one will be able to take his place in your heart. Hence, this Rose Day, express your love and gratitude to him with a fresh bouquet of red roses and a heartfelt message of love. Make his Valentine special and buy a unique Valentine gift for boyfriend.

List of Rose Day Quotes For Your Loved Ones

As February arrives, it seems that love is in the air. Couples start preparing to surprise one another with gifts, well wishes, and marriage proposals to make this Valentine's Day one to remember.

Here is how you can wish your loved ones a happy Rose Day by using these Happy Rose Day quotes: 

  1. Our love is a love that has never faded over the years, a love that removes all fears, a love that will always bloom like a rose everywhere. This is our passion. My sunshine, have a wonderful Rose Day!

  2. No bird can dance like a peacock, no flower is as lovely as a rose, and no woman is as lovely as my girlfriend. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart!

  3. Roses are one way I know how to express how precious you are to me. Greetings, my rose!

  4. I'm sending you roses in a rainbow of colours to let you know how much you make me happier every day. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart!

  5. The rose of my life is you! Cheers to Rose Day!

  6. A beautiful day is made up of 24 hours, a beautiful week of 7 days, a beautiful year of 52 weeks, and having a person like you makes my life beautiful. Have a wonderful Rose Day!

  7. Instead of a flower, I'm sending you a rose plant because I want you to be in my life forever and ever, just like this plant. Happy Rose Day!

  8. As soon as I see you, my heart starts to beat faster, and my eyes stop twitching. You are God's most beautiful creation. Cheers to Rose Day!

  9. I hope your life is filled with rose-like beauty and essence. My Love, Happy Rose Day!

  10. Roses can never go out of style, just like my love toward you. Greetings on Rose Day!

  11. I'm sending you this lovely bouquet of red roses to express my love for you, as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky. Rose Day greetings!

  12. Even with billions of people in the world, only you make my life feel complete. Love, happy Rose Day!

  13. I prayed to God for roses, and He answered with a garden. I requested a drop of water, and He blessed me with an ocean. I requested an angel, and He blessed me with you! Happy Rose Day, my sweetheart, and I love you!

  14. A kind person is receiving this lovely rose. I appreciate you making my life more beautiful. My Love, Happy Rose Day!

  15. For me, you are rare and precious. Each day, I love you more than the previous ones. Have a fantastic Rose Day.

  16. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart! You play a very big and important role in my life. May there be no thorns and only brightly-coloured roses on our journey! Cheers to Rose Day.

  17. I feel like a beautiful flower being taken care of because of the delicate way you handle me. In your love and protection, I shall keep growing. Happy 2023 Rose Day!

  18. I'm sending you yellow, white, red, pink, and other coloured roses to show you how many colours you bring into my life every day. Happy Rose Day, beautiful!

  19. Your heart is as lovely as a rose. Happy Rose Day, my rose!

  20. You are the best and my soul mate, thus I only used the purest red roses to show how much I care. Happy Rose Day!

Exclusive Gifts For Rose Day for Your Loved Ones This Valentine 

What better way to make this day special than unique gifts online? Check out these Valentine’s Day gifts that will always remind your special person of you and your love through thick and thin.

Be Mine Gift Set

Be Mine Gift Set

The "Be Mine Gift Set" comes with the lovely Be Mine Mug and the classic Heart Semi-Precious Pendant with Silver Chain.

I Love You Wooden Rose

I Love You Wooden Rose

A high level of craftsmanship went into creating the I Love You Wooden Rose. Gone are the days of delicate roses that fade after a few days; this rose will remain with your love forever.

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Wooden Coasters

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Wooden Coasters | COD Not available

For all those who believe in giving a gift full of memories, tailored and customized to your preferences. These beautifully crafted wooden coasters are ideal for holding coffee mugs, wine glasses, and other similar items.

Personalized Couple Name Heartbeat Wooden Frame

Personalized Couple Name Heartbeat Wooden Frame | COD not available

A great gift for the couples whose "hearts beats for each other". With the sleek and classy design and 3D letters, it is sure to gain the appreciation of your loved one.

Heart Semi-Precious Pendant With Silver Chain

Heart Semi-Precious Pendant With Silver Chain

Natural stones set in sterling silver adorn this handcrafted pendant. The pendant is ideal for wearing with your everyday clothes or adding a special touch to your date outfit. For the lady who loves dainty jewellery.

The first day of love week, which begins on February 7th, is Rose Day. On this special day, it's customary to present loved ones with roses and Rose Day Messages to express your affection. The rose is a flower that blooms all year round and in various lovely hues. Every rose colour represents a different stage in a relationship. Head to to buy meaningful Rose Day presents for your partner to make them happy.


1. How can I make her feel special on Rose Ray?

When expressing love and care for someone, even the smallest actions count. Make a cup of coffee, flip some pancakes or toast cheese sandwiches. Making your partner breakfast in the morning will make them feel incredibly special. To honour the significance of this day, serve breakfast with a red rose.

2. What is the significance of Rose Day during Valentine's Week? 

The week before Valentine's Day, on Rose Day, people express their love for one another by giving roses to one another. The colour of the roses also conveys their meaning. It is believed that a red rose is a symbol of love and is given as a gift to someone special.

3. How should you express your feelings on Rose Day?

On Rose Day, it's customary for couples to express their love for one another by giving a red rose to each other. Give them a red rose on this day to set the mood and express your love. Giving a rose is the traditional way to celebrate the day, but you can also choose a bunch or combine them with thoughtful gifts. Pair the roses with heart-shaped gifts for enhanced effect.

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