Say hello to a stubble free mug! #NationalNoBeardDay

Say hello to a stubble free mug! #NationalNoBeardDay

A shoutout to the men who prefer a baby smooth mug or can't seem to acquiesce with the craze for beards! Mark your preference for a non-furry face by celebrating the National No Beard Day on October 18th every year. Wondering what the day is all about? Whether you have sported a facial mane for decades or have recently grown a stubble, this is the day to shave it all off and go smooth. Sounds fun?! Scroll down for some more interesting facts on this weird no beard day. 

History of No Beard Day

While some hold the belief that it's an excuse to start afresh with a clean slate in preparation of No-Shave November. It seems plausible that it is one of the internets propelled holidays that we have all come to love (or hate in case of beard connoisseurs). Let us take a trip down the lanes of men's tryst with facial hair over the years...

In the 1800s, barbers used straight razors to remove beards from patrons. Though that was standard practice, most men wore beards as the fashion of the day. But according to the National Museum of American History, beard removal came into vogue in the United States around the early 1900s. Among the major reasons cited for getting rid of the face mop was the fact that they served as breeding grounds for parasites like lice, and also the reason for bad odor on particularly hot sweaty days. Sounds gross? Well, it sure is! The women back in the day took a clean face as a signal of the guy being marriage material. Now, who wouldn't wanna be a hit with the ladies? If the thought of getting completely rid of it scares you a bit, you could always keep it trimmed and well-groomed. With awesome products such as Beard Shaper and Beard Bib at your disposal, keeping your mane trimmed hygienically should be a piece of cake.

Gilette and Co made an entrance in 1904 with its “safety razor” which encouraged men to take matters in their own hands, cos when you have your own safety razor, why would you need a barber? 

By 1930, Jacob Schick introduces the electric razor as the “Schick Dry Shaver” and another milestone in the hirsute history of men’s hygiene was surpassed!

How to celebrate No Beard Day?

For starters, you could treat yourself to a hot shave at your favourite barber's. You could also take some of your hairiest friends and colleagues to the salon and give their better halves and mothers the shock of their lives, pleasant or otherwise!

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