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Secret Santa Gifts Under Rs. 500

Secret Santa Gifts Under Rs. 500

It’s that time of the year again- With Christmas around the corner, we’re all going be roped into playing Secret Santa. Now, this little Christmas ritual is definitely a lot of fun. But sometimes, picking the right Secret Santa Gift for your colleagues can be a little difficult or nerve-wracking. And so, we’re here to help!

Check out our best Secret Santa Gift suggestions for a great gift-giving experience.

1. The Future is Female Notebook

If you have a colleague who loves cool stationery, this feminist notebook is a perfect present. Its quote “The Future is Female” is inspiring and empowering- a ‘woke’ gift indeed! It is the perfect place to jot down lists, notes or makes sketches. A must-have for the workplace.

2. Fluffy Christmas Socks

Christmas and fluffy socks are inseparable. Be it the tradition of hanging the socks around eating candies out of them- one can never have enough socks, especially not for Christmas. Ergo we got you these fluffy Christmas socks online. Santa as well as reindeer socks bring in the joyous part of Christmas straight from the north pole. Though Dumbledore didn’t get a pair for Christmas, this Christmas, these Santa and reindeer socks have you sorted. 

3. Space Colours iPhone Cover with Pop Socket

This phone cover might just be the classiest one you could find. It is minimal in design and looks elegant. It comes in two colours, both which can go well enough with any kind of attire! So if you know someone who loves all things elegant, this phone cover is a great option for a gift.

4. Decorative Storage Box

Step up your gifting game with the Decorative Storage Box. The box is perfect to hold all your knick-knacks and can be used as a decoration in itself. You can also use the box to pack your loved ones' gifts. Use it as a storage organizer, a display piece, or both!

5. Harry Potter Pocket Watch Keychain

Did we do it? Did we freeze time? Well, even if we can't freeze the time we sure can take you back in time. Get this Harry Potter pocket watch keychain and make sure you're on time for the Hogwarts Express. A great gift for the Potter fans who are waiting for their Hogwarts ticket. 

6. Batman Stud Earrings

If your girlfriend is a big fan of the Dark Knight, we have got the coolest possible piece of bling for her. The Batman Stud earrings are creatively designed to resemble Gotham's savior himself. Makes for a cool birthday present for the special ladies in your life, be it your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife.  

7. Christmas Decorative Fluffy Stocking

It is the time to snuggle up and drink a lot of cocoa. After all, what's more Christmassy than the festive feel and spirit accompanied by the crisp winter. The Christmas Decorative Stocking is is all you need this Christmas. A unique gift for kids and adults alike, it makes for a wonderful Christmas gift. Gift these adorable stockings to your loved ones this Christmas season. 

8. Spa Gel Socks

Pamper your legs and rejuvenate your tired feet with these SPA Socks. The socks contain a gel section to harness the healing power of nature. The gel is made from lavender essential oil, plant gel, olive oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and contains Vitamin E to keep your feet healthy and young.

9. Heart Clip LED String Lights

This Christmas decorate your home a little differently. Gone are the days of the same old boring LED lights, we present these unique lights with heart clips. The light can be used to clip a string of pictures to give a different feel to the decorations.

This is a dream for anyone who loves Home Decor. It is a brilliant idea for a Christmas Gift - one they’d get massive use out of and hold on to forever.

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