Simple Things To Do While Social Distancing

Simple Things To Do While Social Distancing

The only way to fight COVID-19 as of now is social distancing, and we can not stress that enough. As the days pass by, things are starting to get a bit monotonous. Don't you worry people, for we have a bunch of ideas that we wanna share, to get you started on doing something fun and interesting during the quarantine.


1. Pick up a brush and some paints and paint something from memory. Or go wild and paint a wall or a door.

2. Download Duolingo, or a similar app and learn a new language.

3. Try your clothes and pair them up in new combo's.

4. Clean out and organize your closet and make a separate pile of clothes you don't wear anymore. You can donate them later to give them a new life.

5. Learn to knit or start a simple tapestry. There are plenty of easy Youtube tutorials out there.

6. Join skillshare and learn something totally out of your comfort zone.

7. Watch all the critically acclaimed or oscar winner movies.

8. Watch a movie or a show in a foreign language.

9. Learn the moves to your favourite song.

10. Write down all the funny incidents you can remember in a diary. You can look back at it when you feel down.

11. Cut your hairs, or dye them, if you have some dye lying around.

12. Do some cosplaying. You can be Willy Wonka or you can be the wicked witch. Go crazy.

13. Learn to do makeup. If you already know how to, recreate some of your favourite celebrities or fictional characters look.

14. Read that book you've always wanted to read but it was always too long and you didn't have the time. Well, now you have, time...lots of it.

15. Learn a new software or brush up on something you already use. Learn some new shortcuts maybe.


16. Try and write a song or a poem.

17. If you have pets, teach them new tricks.

18. If you feel super low in pyjamas all day, set up a virtual date with significant other or friends and decide on a theme and dress up.

19. Learn to cook a traditional dish.

20. Listen to podcasts, they have horror stories and myths too.

21. Make an original character inspired by friends or family and write a story. The character can have one personality trait from all your favourite people.

22. Learn the instrument that you once bought and thought you'll learn it, but it's still sitting at the back of your cupboard.

23. Catch up on all the lost sleep.

24. Learn the lyrics to your favourite song and belt out some tunes.

25. Bookmark things you wanna buy once you can go out safely.

26. Learn more about plants and if you can buy one and take care of it.

27. Meditate or learn to do yoga or maybe squeeze in some exercise routine.

28. Try to make a vlog, with editing and all that jazz.

29. Try a new style of music that you would otherwise never listen to.

30. See what you can do to help during these hard times, it can be fostering an animal or donating for a good cause.

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Most of all, stay healthy. Eat healthy food and don't skip your meals for it is easy to ignore meals when you're staying home all day for a long time. Take care of yourself and don't push too hard to be productive. Some people have all that energy and some don't. Do what you enjoy and stay positive.



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