Teacher's Day 2022: History, Meaning, and Celebration

Teacher's Day 2022: History, Meaning, and Celebration

From kindergarten to Class XII, we've all lived through some pretty awesome and unforgettable memories with this favorite teacher and that blood-curling teacher who we all were shit scared from. We've all stood in long queues for the morning assembly which kept going on and on, no matter how many children fainted. Nonetheless, looking back, those memories are the best of the lot, aren't they? (Well, not the morning prayers, though.)

No matter the bitter sweet memories, our school lives have been our favorite memory Pandora box, unfurling more and more of laughable and tear inducing impressions. For the most part, those memories have friends and teachers, of course apart from the trips and picnics and what nots. But most of them all, we never forget our coolest and strictest teachers, do we?


From that teacher who was our go to teacher because we genuinely loved how they taught to that PT teacher who was very laid back and yet very strict at the same time somehow. Did you ever wonder though, how did it all begin? As in, you know, yeah we celebrate Teacher's Day and we dress up, make our teachers feel special and get them awesome gifts which by the way, we at bigsmall we have a very unique and creative gifts variety of but it all seems to have been going on for a long long while.

So! How did it all begin?

A long long time ago, when we (and by we, I mean we as a country, India for which we have a specific Made in India gifts collection as well) had just gotten a breath of free, fresh, independent air in our lungs, a brilliant academic, scholar and philosopher, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan became our first Vice President of the free India and he was so loved by all that later down the line, he became the second President of India too! (How cool is that! A round of applause, if you please.) Well, as the legend goes, he was a distinguished teacher and valued education above all. 


Now, I don't know if you know, but Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5th October, globally. So why does India, of all the countries chose to celebrate it on 5th September? Well, there's a lil story there too! It goes something like this. 

One fine day as Dr. Radhakrishnan was going about his day, some of his friends and students came up to him to allow them to celebrate his birthday with them. And as you might have guessed by now (and rightly so), it was 5th September (his birthday, of course). Dr. R humbly replied, "Instead of observing my birthday discretely, it would be my pompous privilege if 5th September is scrutinised as Teachers' Day". How heartfelt is that! So on 5th September, to celebrate the birth anniversary of the scholar gem, and one of the greatest teachers in history, we celebrate all our teachers! (With our special gifts for teachers collection!)

Teacher's Day, what?

Well, Ross might be a Paleontologist but he was a teacher too! And let's not forget our Hogwarts Professors for those Potterhead teachers! We've got Harry Potter themed gifts over here too!


Now that we've got our history sorted, let's talk about what exactly is this day for. I mean, of course for our teachers but the specifics, right. Just like Dr. R wanted, and treasured education and teachers as Gurus above all, we see value in hyping up our dear teachers and you know, pay homage to all teachers because of whom we are what we are in the world today. SO as a token of love and appreciation, unique notebooks and pens can never go wrong! A teacher - from being our mentor to being a friend, they help us carve the path to our individualistic journey in life. They are more than just formal educators, they are there as our life coaches and probably the ones we genuinely connect with so early on in our lives. An influence as guided and as honest and genuine as that of a teacher is worth celebrating, don't you think? We do! They actually sculpt the foundation of our lives. What in the whole world, is more satiating and rewarding than that? In a very subtle way, our teachers live on through us, and I think that's a beautiful thing. 

Let's Celebrate!


With being all up to date with the history and nuances of Teacher's Day, I'm pretty sure you all must remember your school's Teacher's Day celebrations. Dressing up like your favorite teacher (Class XII students, as we remember it), and giving them all sorts of cards (go check out our amazing stationery gifts collection) and thankful gestures for being who they are. Making them feel special and happy, oh it was a delight! Isn't it?

But well, Teacher's Day is much more than just celebrating our school teachers, it's about all those people who taught us something or the other that make us a better human being. It's about our mothers, who teach us things probably no-one else ever does, our fathers, who teach us how to be independent, our siblings, who definitely teach us the virtue of patience. And so many more people who've touched our lives in ways that make it so much better!

Teacher's Day 1

So go on, appreciate them a lil, make the world a happier place! Let them know they did good. :)

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