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The Best Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

The Best Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

Picking out the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one can be surprisingly tricky, especially whist selecting gifts for crush, but what if you let the astros help you out? We researched what zodiac signs say about your preferences — and we are oh-so-glad we found out before shopping for V-day. Read on for suggestions, and breathe a sigh of relief when your lover gushes over the perfect gift.



Aires is a fire sign, so they like action and adventure. They like over-the-top things, and they’re always the first to try thing. The Table Tennis Rubberpad Notebook - Set of 3 is a great gift to match up to their undaunted spirits.

2. Taurus


They like sophisticated, luxurious things like a nice bottle of wine or really good perfume — high-quality, traditional gifts. Avoid any big, flashy labels. The Wine Sling Rack will hold their collection of exquisite wine bottles perfectly.

3. Gemini


Geminis are very interactive and fun. They like something cultural, like concert tickets. They’d also like a gadget like the Mobile Stand with Amplifier, or something else they can talk about. Stay away from traditional gifts like a dozen roses.

4. Cancer


Cancers are really sentimental. They’re the ones who will like the photos embossed in wooden logs photo holder, all the sort of romantic trappings. They rule the home, so home decor gifts would be nice.

5. Leo


They’re the blingy, pull-out-all-the-stops sign. They will take the long-stemmed red roses and the bling — the gold, the jewels decorated in the Queen Jewellery Holder. Never, ever miss a Valentine’s Day with a Leo, and make sure there’s a handwritten love note.

6. Virgo


They’re very practical and they’re fussy about their tastes. So either really make sure you know what they want, or instead get them a gift voucher. They also take care of everybody else but not always themselves, so try a spa certificate.

7. Libra


Libras are also very romantic, but not flashy. They like pretty, delicate things like white roses or a nice delicate piece of jewellery, like a little chain necklace. The men also will wear pastel colours a lot, so you could do a lapel pin or a wooden brooch for them. It’s a softer version of what Leo would want.

8.  Scorpio


They’re an emotional water sign that wants to have very intimate relationships, so there should definitely be a meaningful idea behind why you purchased their specific gift." One suggestion? A travel scratch map of a special locations that you two share.

9. Sagittarius


Sagittarius is a global sign and definitely not into the mushy, gushy stuff. They want to have adventures. So plane tickets for them, but if you can’t buy a trip, travel accessories like a passport holder.

10. Capricorn


They have a quiet quality. Everyone always says they’re the workaholic sign, and they do like something nice for their desk accessories  or even nice keychains or wallets.

11. Aquarius


They are quirky and bohemian, but they also like new technology. So for them, try a wearable fitness gadget, because they also tend to be into being in shape and being active or sporty.

12. Pisces


Since Pisces are always daydreaming and value comfort over looks, a set of warm plush slippers would be the perfect thing to wear while cozying up with some sheet masks.

Happy Gifting!

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