The Most Unique Clocks You Can Buy Today

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Clocks are all the rage these days. With the advent of digital technological marvels which double up as timepieces and alarm clocks, people are ignoring watches and clocks. And so clock makers all over the world are letting their creative juices flow like never before. They are coming up with new and unique designs to woo customers at every turn. We have some rather innovative designs in our inventory when it comes to clocks. We have listed these clocks for you to choose from. And just like every other item on Bigsmall, these clocks are also unique, creative and fun.    

1. Beating Heart Wall Clock



This creative masterpiece of a clock gives you the illusion of a beating heart. Sweet, isn’t it! The clock is 12” across and is made of aluminium and plastic. A perfect item to remind you to listen to your heart every once in a while. This pretty wall clock defines how precious life is and the fleeting effect of time on our hearts. Poetry of life indeed.    


2. Owl Wall Clock



It’s an adorable, white owl perched on a branch. The eyes and tail move each second to signify the passage of the seconds. It will make a nice gift for those who love animals and birds in particular. It’s perfect to brighten up a dull wall. Or simply add life into a seemingly sleepy room. No one can escape the gaze of the owl with its big, watchful eyes.    


3. Walking Man Wall Clock



It’s a home décor, poetry and a work of art rolled into one! Just looking at it makes you experience strong emotions flooding your heart. The silhouette of the man walking with the determination made our team stare at it for long deciphering what it was trying to tell us. It made us think deep and introspect our lives. Life is like a never ending journey indeed. The clock is a gift that speaks for itself.  


4. Retro TV Table Clock


Retro Table Clock


A blast from the past! This metal timepiece styled after a vintage television is sure to bring back some pleasant memories. The rusty look adds to the effect. It’s a piece straight from history with a never dying charm.   


5. Lion Gear Table Clock


Remember that time when you saw Modi’s Make in India logo of the lion with gears for the very first time? You wished you owned one like that. Well, now you can. With this design incorporated in a clock, the Make In India logo will surely find a special place on either your bedside table or your office desk. The clock surely has a lot of stories to tell. Representing a historic event, it’s a collectable indeed.

Come, find these creative clocks and so many more unique gifts on Bigsmall. Simply visit our website and be amazed at our collection of quirky items just for you. We are sure they will leave you dazed.   

 Written by Namitha H

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