The Super-power of love

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The expansive Superhero paradigm is filled with gods, superheroes, and cosmic entities, but the driving force behind it is without a doubt the power of love. It is at the core of any good comic book story and drives any hero worth rooting for. From Jean Grey and Wolverine to Iron Man and Pepper Potts, Superhero couples (and also superhero gifts) have become ingrained in our popular culture. Even those who are not avid comic book readers are sure to be able to name one or two historic couples of the Superhero Hemisphere.

Here are 10 of our favourite Superhero couples who strike the right chords right in time for Valentine's day and the season of V-day gifts.


1. Catwoman and Batman


Probably not the healthiest relationship in the DC Universe, but the cat-and-bat’s will they/won’t they, do they/don’t they is one of the most endearing relationships in comic books. They make each other better and more interesting people. 

2. Superman and Lois Lane


What’s truly spectacular about their romance though is that it’s typically been depicted as a very real relationship, with give and take and mutual benefit to both. Lois saves Superman emotionally just as often as he saves her physically. Somehow they always find their way back to one another.

3. Aquaman and Mera


Mera actually first met Aquaman with the intention of assassinating him, but couldn't do it because she had grown to love him. Their devotion to each other has been a foundation to get them through the hard time.


4. Reed Richards and Sue Storm


The classic couples in comic books always have a tough road to walk in balancing how they are perceived by fans. A classic couple that has stood the test of time for so long because they work together so well, and fans wouldn't want them with anyone else.


5. Black Panther and Storm


Even though they are no longer together, Black Panther and Storm have a lot of history together that should have spelled out a "happily ever after scenario" for the couple.


6. Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson


They are the comics universe epitome of the guy and girl next door who fall in love. And before it became a cliché for comic relationships, Peter and Mary Jane still had the interesting dynamic of Pete trying to balance his his work as Spiderman with his normal life with the woman he loves.


7. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones


Perhaps the best couple in comics is also one of the more recent ones. Sure, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage don't have the decades of history that classic couples like Superman and Lois or Spider-Man and Mary Jane do, but you couldn't argue that they are any less devoted to each other.


8. Scarlet Witch and the Vision


Though it's surprising that an artificial intelligence and a somewhat naive young mutant could fall in love, it was Wanda's ability to look past the Vision's cold exterior and see the emotional, caring man hidden in his robotic shell that lead to their coupling. The relationship between a mutant occultist and a life-like android may seem unlikely, but hey, who are we to judge?


9. Antman and Wasp


While it took some time for Hank to warm up to the idea of being romantically involved with the daughter of his benefactor, once he came around, sparks flew.


10. Gambit and Rogue


The most compelling aspect of the relationship between them is that it has almost always existed at arm's length - literally. It's that whole aforementioned untouchable thing, you see.


Who's your favourite Superhero Couple? Tell us in the comments below.

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