Top 5 Awesome Card Games to Play This Festive Season in Quarantine

Top 5 Awesome Card Games to Play This Festive Season in Quarantine

Come Diwali and the stakes at the card table start running high. Hey there, beautiful people!! The bang may pretty much be ruled out this Diwali, but the fun has certainly just begun. Diwali parties seem to lack flavor if the card decks aren't laid out. Ensure that the party that you throw this festive season has all the makings of a masala film replete with raucous laughter, harmless insinuations, life-wrecking revelations and not to mention tons of fun! So, pull up your favorite party socks and get ready for the wildest card games in town! 

Ladies and gentlemen, Team presents;

1. Golden playing cards

Show those aces up your sleeves with the beautifully resplendent Golden playing cards. These dazzling beauties are meant to add the glitter to your wins and serve as balm for your losses as you raise the stakes like a pro. Use the deck to play your favorite card games this Diwali, like Teen Patti, Nilami, Matha, Ghanchakkar, etc. Plus point it also makes for a cool Diwali gift for friends and loved ones!

2. Cards Against Humanity

If you and your friends have a no-pity sense of humor with a penchant for NSFW, this is your jam. Get people tongue-tied and in awkward situations just for the fun of it. The deck is inclusive of  600 cards- white (answers) and black (questions) cards. One helluva ice breaker and friendship tester, this one must be a part of the card table! 

3. WTF Did You Say?!? Playing Cards

A huge deck of red and white cards with hours of pure, unadulterated fun guaranteed, you just won't be able to keep your hands off these! Inclusive of 486 white cards and 108 red rule cards, it's literally a pack of awesomeness. The rules go something like this; the Reader of Cards or ROC draws & reads a red card out loud. Each player (other than the reader) then passes their funniest white card face down to the ROC. Once all white cards are received the ROC reads each white card out loud in the context of the red card. The ROC decides which card they believe to be the funniest & gives the red card to the player that played that card. The circle continues in a similar manner & the player with the maximum red cards at the end of the game wins! 

4. F**K The Game Playing Cards

Introduce a tinge of color in your card table and lots of colorful language with the original Aussie swearing game that's sure to rock some boats. 

The rule card is included but we'll introduce you to them beforehand. If you draw a card with black text, you have to say the background color. If the card has colored text, say the name of the color of the text. If the card says a swear word, then say the swear word aloud. Regardless of the color or background or text color. Lastly, if the card says Fuck, go to the first 2 rules but never say Fuck.

Sounds complicated? Believe us it's pretty simple. The game starts with the deck equally distributed among the players, and the winner is the one who loses all his cards first. Just remember to place your card face up when you draw it.



5. Drinking Game Cards - New Edition

What's a festival without everyone wetting their whistles and someone saying stuff they shouldn't have?! Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the coolest drinking card game ever from the house of The Drinking Game Cards objective is pretty simple, drink or dare! You either complete the dare or drink up! Everyone ends up pretty tipsy in the end! Set the ball rolling with this deck of fun replete with immunity cards. 


That sounds like the recipe for many a festive flutter and shot of gaiety! Turn heads and stay safe this Diwali with these awesome card games. Looking for the perfect Diwali gifts for friends and family? Delhi peeps can head to the store or view the entire collection here- Supercool Diwali Gifts. Happy Diwali amigos!

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