Top 5 fan favourite characters of Game of Thrones

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“What about you? Who is your favourite GOT character?” This question alone could cause a stir in a room full of friends. We did our best and tried to condense all your answers in a Top 5 of the fans’ favourite characters along with GOT figurines.


1. Tyrion Lannister


The ultimate anti-hero, Game Of Thrones’ little person is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Indeed, he appears in 54 episodes of the show. On almost every fan forums or polls all over the world, he seems to be the real fan favourite. Why, you ask? Probably because of his crazy sense of humour, his complex back story but also his remarkable intelligence… and of course his unique and singular look.


2. Jon Snow 



Remember how the world wasn’t able to handle his death in the season 5 finale? Well that’s just how much fans of the show on a global scale love Jon Snow. His death brought up with it a lot of questions and his triumphant return has pleased many GOT enthusiasts. What will season 8 have in store for him?


3. Daenerys Targaryen



Also known as Khaleesi, this fallen princess’s popularity goes even beyond Games Of Thrones. The pretty blonde, whom has been named the mother of the dragons in the show, is admired for her beauty and delicacy. She has become such a pop culture fixture that the Internet is filled with memes revolving around her character.


4. Cersei Lannister



Appearing in 72 episodes of the series, Cersei proves that despite her manipulative and at times odious ways, she is a character that fans of Game of Thrones couldn’t live without. You guessed it, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is also one of the most appreciated characters on the show. Because, basically, who doesn’t like a bad girl?!


5. Arya Stark



Arya Stark, a living example of how the horrors of war can impact a young soul that's so perfectly primed to be moulded by darkness. Arya's blind vengeance against those who have wronged her has taken many forms over the years, including literal blindness, but it's always anchored by Maisie Williams' instantly classic performance.


Who is your favourite character? Can't decide? This pedantically curated GOT merchandise has all your answers.



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