10 Traditional Indian Games: Relive Your Childhood Memories With Your Siblings

10 Traditional Indian Games: Relive Your Childhood Memories With Your Siblings

If you and your siblings are 90's kids, you probably remember hanging out with all the gully children in the evening and playing a variety of games till the sun went down. Summer holiday's spent with cousins were also filled with games (with different rules, which were the cause of a lot of petty fights of course). So why don't you relive those fond memories this year and bring it back to the 90's??

We have compiled a list of 10 traditional games that you can play with your "adult" friends or if you're going back home for Rakhi, play the games with your siblings or your childhood buddies and remember the good old times.

1. Lattu

Before Beyblade we had spinning top or Lattu. A very simple game with very simple tools, it was one of our favourite ways to pass the time. A wooden top spinning with the help of a simple thread, playing with the Lattu was a matter of pride. Who's the fastest in picking up their Lattu? Who's spinning top is stable enough to spin inside the small circle drawn? These are the questions you can find the answers to when you play with this forgotten toy once again.

2. Antakshari

After running around all afternoon there came a time when we all just sat down to take a break. But because the time not playing was time wasted, we played Antakshari and showed off our questionable singing skills. This game was a favourite no matter the age group as it was always played on the way to family or school trips. After all, what was a trip without a fight or two about the "correct" lyrics.

So get ready for a grown up version of Antakshari where we are sure you're still going to sing songs from your childhood. But hey, it just means you're good at remembering lyrics for a song you last listened to in 2005.

3. Marbles

Marbles or Kancha/Kanche, was another one of the games that was all about pride. The feeling of earning the highest number of marbles at the end of the day was next to nothing. Not everybody had the skills or luck in winning marbles. Personally, we just collected the prettiest marbles and made sure nobody ever saw them and challenged us to a duel. Do YOU have the skill to win all the marbles on the ground? Challenge your friends or siblings and find out. Let's see everybody use their secret tips and tricks once more.

4. Hopscotch

Hopscotch or Stapoo was all about endurance and laser sharp eyes of everyone playing. Did you step outside the box? Were the edge of your shoes touching the line? Who knew that just drawing 8 boxes on the ground can result in so much fun and chaos. It's time to revisit this physically tiring game of jumping around with a pebble once again. Maybe you can't jump as far as you used to anymore, but it's worth a try. It will be like a full body workout (but make it fun). Keep your eyes peeled for the cheaters!

5. Gilli Danda

Hot take, but Gilli Danda was as fun as Cricket. Not everybody had access to a cricket bat, but anyone could pick up two sticks and play Gilli Danda. The goal? Hit the smaller stick with as much force as possible and try to throw it the farthest among all. You were also required to reach the touch-point before the other player picked up your Gilli. An uncomplicated game with just two sticks, looking back we can't believe we were so easily entertained as kids.

6. Chain

Ah yes! the game where it was super easy to break a foot, an arm, or chipping a tooth, and yet we played it with much enthusiasm every time. Even if you never broke a bone, you've definitely scratched a knee or two. We always fought for the place at the end because honestly, being in the middle was like torture. Yet, this game was a favourite among all the kids. The more people there were, the more fun it was to play. Don't forget to play Chain again with your friends and siblings, the laughter that ensues is worth getting a scratch or two.

7. Kho Kho

Kho-Kho was fun because it transcended the local playing ground. We could play it in the school and there were also official matches among the local schools or different houses. A game that requires great teamwork, you'll need a lot of people if you want to play it again. Ask your family members to participate and join in on the fun. Make sure to stretch beforehand, we don't want you to pull a muscle ;)

8. Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek or Chupan-Chupai is a classic. This is the most common game that everyone and their mother have played at least once in their childhood. It's so simple that you don't even need to go out to play. Add a fun twist and play the game at night with lights off. Make sure to ask the most scaredy cat sibling /friend to give the den first. Being a little evil while playing games? Now that's the perfect way to remember our childhood!

9. Pitthu

This is one of those games that even our parents reminisce about. Not everyone loved this game (who loves getting hit by a ball?) but even they will agree that it was exhilarating to play Pitthu. Known by different names across the country, the rules are almost always the same. Two teams - a pile of stones - and a ball, what can go wrong? Play the game again and see if you've improved your aim and can hit players squarely on their back without missing.

10. Game of Tag

Like Chupan-Chupai, Pakam-Pakdai is also one of the classic outdoor game. It needed good balance, stamina and speed. The clumsy ones were always the first to get out. A variety of games have originated from Game of Tag, but the original is always the most fun to play. The act of running while someone is chasing is so thrilling and fun (all in good faith of course). It's a game that will be enjoyable even if you have low number of players.


We know there are a lot of games that we didn't mention in the list, but we hope that reading about some of these made you miss your childhood and the simple pleasures of playing with other kids. Playing games online or on a console is fun, but nothing can beat hanging outside and running about playing silly games. Some made up and some traditional with set rules.

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