Transform your boring doors with these easy and clever door decor ideas

Transform your boring doors with these easy and clever door decor ideas

Get out of your mundane life and create your surroundings afresh. You cannot change everything, right from the scratch but then you can do some small and easy changes that can give a new look to your spaces. One of such changes is the DIY door decor ideas which is a good way to add a freshness to your home decor. These clever designs and ideas can add much more comfort and value to your home and lifestyle. Here we bring, some of the amazing ways in which you can make your doors look beautiful without much effort needed. So go through these ideas and try something new with the old boring doors.

Geometric Door with Washi Tape



This is one of the easiest ways of giving your doors an all-new look with the help of Washi Tape or duct tape. All you need is some of these colourful tapes that should look good, in contrast with the colour of the door. Other than that, you need to think of a pattern that you want these tapes to follow. You can make criss-cross lines or the zig-zag ones, depending on your choice but do not fill the entire door with lines as it will look like a mess. Keep it tidy so that the pattern you draw compliments the door and the design suits it well.

The Double-Shade Neon Doors



Painting the doors with two vibrant neon shades is another amazing way to make your old door look attractive. You just need to choose two different neon shades, that you like and also fits well with the colour of the room. You also need to decide the pattern in which you are going to paint the doors as you can divide the colours with a slant line or a horizontal line or any other way you think is the best for you. When you are done deciding over these, the next you need to do is get the stuff together and paint the door.

The Flower Basket Door Decor



This is the beautiful idea of decorating the entrance door of your home. Welcoming people with flowers is such a warm gesture and hanging a flower basket on the door makes it look adorable. But it may not be possible to use fresh flowers in the basket as you will have to change them regularly. However, working with Faux Flowers might be a tricky job because it would be difficult for one to make them look real. The best way to fix this problem is to use the branches of faux flowers to help in giving it a realistic look. So get the basket and pick your favourite flowers along with its branches to give your door a refreshing look. You can follow any of these patterns and start working on it.

The Printed Doors



You can give a new look to your doors with this simple and easy method of applying the printed mats on the door to make them look eye-catchy. All you need to do is to buy the best quality printed mat, keeping in consideration the designing and styling of the room or hall area. The next thing you have to do is cut the mat in the size of the door so that it evenly covers the door properly and then paste it on the door with the glue used by the carpenter.

The Scenic Door



You can do this kind of decoration for the doors of kids room as it would give the door a very cute look. For creating this kind of decoration, you need some coloured craft papers and cotton balls. Use sky blue coloured craft paper for the background and red, pink, purple or any other shade to create the heart-shaped balloons. You can also write messages on the balloons other than the names of kids so that they can read them when they look at it. The white cotton balls are needed to make clouds to make them look as if they are floating in the sky. Such a scenic view on the door is so unusual and attractive to look at.

Decorating your home is like adding life to it and these small changes can make big differences in the appearance of your home. But if you cannot make time for doing any of these door decor ideas, then the housewarming items on our website can help you out. You can visit to get the amazing decor items that you can also gift to your friends and relatives on any special occasion.

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