Try Out These Amazing New Year's Eve Decorations

Try Out These Amazing New Year's Eve Decorations


New Year’s Eve is like the Diwali of the Christmas season since the festivals and the festivities take place in a series leaving very little time and scope for recuperation from Christmas. The lurking party spirit with little chilly bites in the air make it hard to ignore the plans and preparations going on around you.

Party means people, music, laughter and more importantly, a rocking party means decorations. Even though New Year’s Eve is such a largely celebrated holiday, New Years decor and New Year’s Eve decorations are still grey areas in most of the parties. Which is a big reason why they are often ignored too. So, while you’re out shopping for the party of the season and ready to establish your supremacy as the ultimate party host, make sure you try out these NYE decoration ideas exclusively suggested by Bigsmall. And don’t worry, we are your pary planning helpers with our range of new years eve decorations items too! Do check ‘em out. 

Why A New Year Celebration At Home Is Better Than Outside

Overcrowded clubs, long queues, night-time travelling in the cold to a mostly unknown place, paying a higher price at restaurants, family and public restrictions, hassle of cabs, etc. These are some of the reasons why a New Year’s Eve celebration outside home is a bigger challenge than organizing one at home (I have definitely not included the lazy owls who’d rather just snuggle in a sleep the night out!).

Here are a few solid reasons why a new celebration at home is better than outside:

  • - It doesn’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. Everything is extra expensive around this time. Partying at home with some exciting new year decir at home and the latest party hits can create the perfect intimate celebration at home that can or cannot be lowkey but will definitely be the house party of the year.
  • A jam-free New Year that will not stress you out. With everyone rushing to the coolest clubs and restaurants in the town, how are you going to beat the crowd? And are you ready to take on the stress and time wastage of this jam. Instead, bring home some beer, maybe some snacks, tune in those speakers, call your closest buddies and loved ones and make your home a haven of festivities by following some of the most mesmerizing new year decoration ideas at home.
  • You know what’s inside that’s definitely missing outside? Warmth, comfort and a chance to be in a relaxed candid environment. And if the FOMO of those lit parties and the city lights are beating you down, create them right at home with some fireworks and special wall new year decoration ideas that can make you feel like the ruler of your own fort and your party. 
  • You can actually enjoy the first day of new years instead of sleeping through it all. A house party with attractive new years eve decorations can help you save your next day and give you an opportunity to start fresh and active.
  • You don’t have to spend your night in a sea of strangers. Home is where the comfort is. Home is where the pyjamas, slippers, clean bathrooms, preferred snacks, tasty food, favourite people and the coolest new years decor are.

How You Can Level Up Your New Year Celebration At Home?

  • Select a perfect place for celebration - The most suitable suggestions would be terrace and living room cause obviously they have a bigger occupancy and your new year decor at home is highlighted better in these spots.
  • Use lots of balloons: This is new year decoration ideas at home 101. They automatically make the whole occasion a big deal and add a festive spice to the place and mood.
  • Do proper lighting: How many lights are enough lights? For a bang-on trippy and aesthetic vibe checkout Bigsmall’s range of party lights (Trust us, there are too many to pick from). Fun lights and their exciting forms take your new years eve decorations up a notch. 
  • Arrange cocktails & mocktails in extra-quantity: Ain’t no party like a cocktail party (or mocktails are cool too). Never ever run out of snacks and drinks. Limited drinks and snacks are a big party boo-boo. Stock-up before hand and serve them in the coolest choice of dishes (Bigsmall has got you covered for that too!)
  • Include multiple starters or appetizers: You know statistics suggest that almost 80% of the people who attend parties actually go there just for the food, yep it’s made up). But ask yourself, would you go to a party which only has stunning new years decor with limited food supply? (Don’t answer, we know!)
  • Set the best party songs playlist: Buy that Spotify Premium, get the YouTue Premium Subscription, prepare a playlist and make sure it caters to everyone’s taste and not just yours. You could match the theme of the playlist and the new years decor at home.

Follow These Tips For A Budget-Friendly New Year Celebration

Tips for a budget-friendly new year celebration:

  • Keep everyone occupied with group games.
  • Have a movie marathon night with friends and family based on a certain theme
  • Do some cost cutting with DIY NYE decoration ideas or simply shop from
  • Get confetti poppers or sparklers if you can’t go big on fireworks.
  • Keep the party intimate by inviting only close friends and family who you actually want to celebrate the night with.
  • Make the dress code “come as you are”. No need for expensive outfits.
  • Keep a BYOB undertone at the party.


Ready to party? We hope these New Year’s Eve Party ideas and new years eve decorations will make your party the event of the season. If you don’t wish to sweat and fret over your new years decor needs, checkout for amazing new year gifts and christmas gifts will definitely make your celebration extra-special. Bigsmall’s collection of best gifts and the most creative out of the box decoration ideas will impress your guests awestruck and make them never want to leave your place!


1. Is it difficult to do new year eve decoration at home?

If you have chalked out a rough plan in your head about the theme and the kind of party you wish to host, there are plenty of NYE decoration ideas online that can take care of the same in a seamless manner.

2. What is the average budget for new year party decoration?

The average budget for new years eve decorations is somewhere between Rs.2000-10,000 if you want decorator and between Rs.2000-5000 if you go for new year decoration ideas at home.

3. Is DJ required for new year celebration at home?

No, if you have a decent set of speakers and a curated playlist a DJ will not be necessary for a new year celebration at home. However, if you wish to go all out then getting a DJ is a great way to celebrate.

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