5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

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Ho ho ho!

It's almost that time of the year when everything around you is white and red, welcoming Santa Claus back into our lives. No second guessing here, it's Christmas time, and time be merry again. With other hassles going on, Christmas shopping is hectic enough without having to guess what the special woman, man or friend on your gift list wants this year. The Christmas trees have to be decorated, new cutlery to be bought, and the most important task of all, to find Christmas presents for your dear ones. Like many unusual gift ideas, here are 5 unique Christmas Gifts for Friends or even Secret Santa gifts!

1. Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

With Christmas, there are lights. Make the inside of your homes prettier by installing these beaitful Eiffel Tower shaped Bottle lamps. The LED is already fitted inside these bottles, and with delicate engraving on the eiffel tower shaped bottles, these lamps are definitely going to add class to your homes. 


2) Santa Chair Hats


Santa Chair Hats

Because everyone waits for this time of the year. While you are decorating your walls, and the roof with blinking pretty lights, the inside of your house remain hidden. Get in the Christmas festive mood by using unique Christmas decorations inside your house as well. These Santa Chair Hats are a great accessory to dress up your chairs and make anyone sitting on it super happy.


3) Owl Wall Clock

Owl Clock

A clock that moves, signifying time never stays still for anyone. This beautiful wall clock is a piece of art, with the owl's eyes and tail moving each second in opposite directions. The time at the centre flips each minute, releasing a nostalgic feeling with each passing minute. A perfect home gift for Christmas this year. 


4) Handcrafted Panda Shaped Rug 

Panda Rug

This Christmas brighten up your room and make it more cheerful with the adorable Panda shaped Rug! Cute as well as super soft, it is sure to give your room a whole new look! Handmade from real sheep wool, this rug has his own charm.


5) Super Mario Brothers Plush Shoes


Super Mario Brothers Plush Shoes

Feel like a santa in these warm and super soft plush mario shoes. They're nicely cushioned and will fit snugly around your feet. The plushy slippers are a one-size-fits-most slipper, and the sole measures 9 inches. The shoes will keep your feet warm and make you feel you are in comfy-land. They also make a super cosy Christmas Gift for Boyfriend!

While this blog gives you 5 great Christmas gift ideas, here's a complete list of unique Christmas Gifts you can buy in India.

Ho ho ho! We are waiting for you Santa!

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