Unique Christmas Gifts that make your Kids Super Happy

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Christmas is the festival of gifts. Reindeers pull the grand sleigh of Santa Claus as he visits homes dropping the most creative gifts.

But why should Santa have all the fun? With unique gifts being rolled out every day on BigSmall, you will never fall short of unique Christmas gifts online that make your kids super happy. Are you excited to have a look at them? We are sure you will end up shopping. View the entire collection here: Gifts for kids.


Jasmine 3D Funko POP Action Figure



If your kiddo is a fan of all things Disney, he/she will surely love the Jasmine 3D Funko POP Action Figure. Just 4" tall, Jasmine is extremely easy to carry around. With its flat base, it can empower your kid's desk, nightstand or mantle. 


Elly Organizer

Elly Organizer

Are your kids too notorious that they leave everything scattered around the room? Drop your worries about how to discipline your kids as a cuddly Elly organizer inculcates good habits in your kids. Let your kids frolic around in more space as the organizer handles all your kids' belongings from books to laundries to toys to shoes to everything.


Unicorn Ate My Homework Notebook



Kids often cook up weird excuses for not submitting their assignments on time. Gift them the Unicorn Ate My Homework Notebook and let them know with such a cute notebook in tow they wouldn't need to think of more excuses!


Cloud Lamp


Cloud Lamp

Clouds will come sailing right from the skies into your kids’ room with this unique Christmas gift that will make them super happy. Night shelf, walls or even tables will invite this gift with open arms and you would have teleported your child high up in the skies.


Shoe Stationery Holder



Stock up supplies in style, make way for this adorable Lilliputian shoe stationery holder and keep them sneaker safe. Not just that keep off from losing your spectacles every now and then by keeping them safe in the pocket compartment in the holder. 

Robot Desk Alarm Clock

Mr. Robocop comes with horizontally moveable joints on arms & legs & can be made to stand in funny poses. The clock requires 1, 1.5 V AA battery which is not included in the package. This fun product makes for a lovely gift for kids who are late to school.


Table Tennis Rubberpad Notebooks

Table Tennis Rubberpad Notebooks - Set Of 3

 All work and no play will make your kid a dull boy. But no way with this rubber pad notebook. Getting a break from studies does not mean running away from study table. Your kid can be very much at the desk and play and then return to studies at the earliest. We bet there is no more amazing way to mix study and leisure for your kids. 


Unicorn Onesie

Unicorn Onesie For Kids

Delight your kids with a unicorn onesie that caresses them with a velvety touch and transforms them into their favorite mythical creature. Easy to wear and easy to maintain, this can be a perfect gift for your loved little one this C


Dad Saddle


The Dad Saddle


When was the last time your kid played ‘horsie’ with you? Or wait…when was the last time she played comfortably? Maybe never! Because you missed this dad saddle for your kid. Give the best horse ride to your kids with this fully powered dad horsepower vehicle at home.

3D Unicorn Elodie Mug

3D Unicorn Elodie Mug


Who doesn't love unicorns? This magical looking mug is a delight and will leave anyone beaming with joy! Its pretty pastel colours and beautiful design will leave your child gushing and it is sure to remain their favourite for a long, long time.

These are just a few unique Christmas gifts that are sure to make your kids super happy this year!

Happy Shopping!

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