6 Must Have Unique Accessories For Your Office

6 Must Have Unique Accessories For Your Office

What’s a typical work day like for you? Is it full of whimsy and frolic? Probably not. But who says it can’t be? Whether you are the regular 9 to 5 worker or the start-up founder with endless hours, your office could use these 6 unique products to break away with the monotony and boredom of the typical work day:

1. Power Nap Pillow

“What?! My boss in not only letting me take a nap, but also encouraging it?! What?!” Research indicates that a power nap of 15-20 minutes boosts you’re your productivity by 657.23%.  So, the next time either you or even a co-worker goes in a yawn trance, you know what is going to stop it.


Power Nap Pillow


2. Mobile Charger Stand

This brilliantly simple product is simply brilliant. Such a small item to solve the ominous problems of space- crunch and short-cable. Wow!

 Mobile Charger Stand


3. Cable Wire Organiser

Phone charger cable, laptop charger, LED Screen cable, Landline cable- all tied together. Is there anything worse than a knotty wiry mess? Just thinking about it makes my OCD kick in. Not only can this harm the devices, but also hamper your productivity to a large extent. Get this right now or you will ‘knot’ get good marks in appraisals.


Cable Wire Organizer


4. Minion Series of Products

There’s only so much ‘corporate’ a person can take in. Expert research indicated that a bright and joyful décor increases the average worker’s productivity by…. Let’s say a lot. So equip your office with this humorous range of minion gifts including notepads, mugs, pens, cord winders and what not!

Minion Gifts 

5. The Godfather Wall-Clock

What better man to remind the employees about their deadlines and targets than the ‘boss’? Install one clock in each department and see the numbers going up, up and away! This is a product you can’t refuse.


Godfather wall clock 

6. Foot Hammock

A genius solution, or rather a substitute of the upside down dustbin to hang your feet, right in the middle of a busy day. Isn't the foot hammock simple a must have for wherever you are sitting?

Foot Hammock


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