UNO from the horse's mouth!

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We’ve been living a lie all this while. All those ruined friendships, they were destroyed for nothing! However, to finally discover the truth is liberating, to say the least. All these years, we assumed that we couldn’t end an UNO game with Action Cards although that “rule” is not listed anywhere in the game’s rule book.

But finally, we have gotten the revelation from the horse’s mouth:




“Yes, you can end a game with an Action Card”

For those who are not familiar with the game. The Action Cards are primarily used to mess up your opponents’ strategy (basically destroy friendship).

But there's a catch, you can only discard one action card per turn.




And you can't stack cards either:



But you can end the game with a Draw 2 or a Draw 4 card:




Time to settle some scores!

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