Unusual & Creative Ways To Celebrate Diwali This Year

Unusual & Creative Ways To Celebrate Diwali This Year

Hey folks! As we bid adieu to summer for the next six months and pull out our hoodies and turtle necks, one cannot help but be affected by the festive spirit. With Diwali just around the corner 12th of November, if you happen to live under a rock, it's time to think about ways to make this Diwali special. In the present day and age of increasing broadband speed and lesser face to face interaction, family bonding has receded to the sidelines. This Diwali, let us break the mold of the occasion serving as just another holiday by bringing hearts together and celebrate the festival the way it was meant to be celebrated. Team Awesome@Bigsmall.in got cracking on cool and quirky ways to mark the festival with a bang!

1. Switch to eco-friendly Earthen Lamps

One cannot deny the surreal beauty of diyas flickering away in the night awaiting the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. Lamps render a soft and aesthetic aspect to any corner that they adorn. Bring home the Classic Candle Tea Light Holder and spread the zen vibes. What's more, you could scroll through the unique lamps we have and choose your favorite!


2. Go for a run with your siblings! 

Nothing can be a better gift than the gift of good health and even better companionship, and a sprint with your favourite cousin or sibling guarantees both! While you are at it, don't forget to stay hydrated. The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle could be your perfect companion during such excursions. And for more such cool bottles, you could scan through unique water bottles we have.


3. Make creative rangolis at the entrance of your beautiful homes

Well, this is something our mothers and grandmothers have been doing for ages. This Diwali, try getting all artsy and creative by making your own Rangoli designs. Use skin-friendly, organic colors such as the Herbal Rangoli Colour to fill in a burst of colours and invite goodwill and prosperity or choose the best Diwali gift over here!

4. Visit an Old Age Home or Orphanage

Caught in the daily struggle of making ends meet we often forget to appreciate the single most important blessing in our lives, that is family. Plan a trip to the nearest orphanage or old age home with your sibling and light up their Diwali with clothes that may no longer fit you or toys that you have long stopped playing with. Spread the smile and enjoy the good vibes that ensue! May we take the liberty to quote Wonder Woman here? "Only love can truly save the world!" Period. 

Though the best gift remains the gift of your time, express your love with Diwali Gift Hampers or budget friendly Diwali gifts under Rs 2000 that match the personality of the receiver and is bound to cement the bonds of love and togetherness, which is ultimately what every festival stands for.



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