Valentine's Gift For A Potterhead Girlfriend

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If you and your bae are both into Harry Potter, make your Valentine's more magical by entering the magical world this love day. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon or book a ticket to Hogwarts and read your favorite book together on the way there. Gift your girlfriend something you both or maybe only she is passionate about. Browse our collection of Official Harry Potter Merchandise or check out the list below where we handpicked 6 unique gifts for the witch who bewitched your heart.


Harry Potter Stickers

This set of 24 stickers is the perfect present for a stationery lover. They can stick on any clean flat surface and are great for journals or smash books. Get the set and you get a bunch of cute Harry potter characters that you can stick on your laptop, suitcase, bottle or art book cover, etc.


Harry Potter Poster

Yes, yes, we've all seen the HP movie posters so you ask what's special about this poster? Well for one this isn't a regular poster. It's the front page of the Daily Prophet with an article about the boy who lived. What better way to distinguish yourself from the muggles? Bring home the newspaper and when nobody's looking, see if the images move.


Harry Potter Playing Cards

If you and your partner spend your date nights playing rummy, then this is the perfect gift for her. Deal your cards the Hogwarts way as the set is full of illustrations referencing the Hogwarts and other magical objects. An interesting addition to the evergrowing Harry Potter collection, you can also play the game when other Potterheads are over.


Official Harry Potter Planner

Adulting is hard as it is, but making plans and then adhering to them is harder. Worry not for we have a way to make planning more fun for the Potterheads. The journal has 96 pages segregated in monthly, weekly and daily views. Some of the pages are watermarked with some of the most iconic scenes from the movies.


Official Hogwarts Letter Pouch

Get this cool pouch for the witch in training and we guarantee she will be super excited to have this pouch to stash all her secret potions and forbidden ingredients in. Nobody will have a pinch of doubt for the pouch is designed as the envelope that started Harry on his magical journey, complete with the Hogwarts seal and Harry's address under the stairs.


Harry Potter Trunk Hand Bag

Get this beautiful Hogwarts trunk for your lovely lady, for she can take all her stuff in it whenever she is out and about on her little magical excursions. It comes with a detachable belt so it can be used as a shoulder bag when it gets too tiring to hold it in the hand. Just make sure the trunk doesn't lead to a magical world of its own. Yes, we are looking at you Newt.


Have a magical Valentine's and if you wanna go ahead and spend some Sickles and Galleons on some more unusual gifts for your girlfriend, then check out the collection V-day Gifts For Girlfriend. Love and let love!!

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