Things you might have missed in the opening episode of GOT 8

Things you might have missed in the opening episode of GOT 8

After a loooong wait, winter is finally here! With Game of Thrones mania in full swing chances are that like any other dutiful fan, you might have watched re-runs of the previous seasons. As the shiny new credits rolled, there were quite a few changes that an observant fan might have noticed. We at, decided to compile a list of the developments on the show, callbacks & things you might have missed out on in the first episode.

1. Imminent signs of the Wall coming down

2. Throwback to the Red Wedding

3. The birth of The Mad Queen’s kids

4. A child makes his way through the crowd to catch a glimpse of the procession as Dany & Jon arrive in pomp!

This scene brings back memories of little Bran running around Winterfell's ramparts to take a look at Robert's royal procession.

5. Arya chances upon the Hound, while watching the procession at Winterfell, with whom she shares quite an interesting relationship!

6. Do Sansa’s greetings to Jon & Dany ring a bell?! Well, they were meant to!

Not much unlike her father, Sansa greets her guests with: “Winterfell is yours, your Grace”. Ned Stark said the same to Robert Baratheon when he arrived with his entourage to Winterfell.

 7. For Bran life comes full circle post a rendezvous with none other than Jamie Lannister!

This guy pushed little Bran off the towers with a sinfully cold, “The things I do for love”. The poignant note on which the episode ends surely leaves the viewer’s clamoring for more.

8. The favourite Stark siblings hug it out

Arya sneaks up on unsuspecting Jon at Weirwood tree. While Jon contemplates how she manages to do that, his little sister leaps into his arms & they share a warm embrace. #GrabsTissue

9. There is a “stark” resemblance between the not-so-warm welcome extended to both Cersei & Dany.

10. Flirty vibes flowing big time between Arya & Gendry!

 Stay tuned in for more grub on the release of the next episode! Till then stay happy, stay cool & keep hoarding GOT merchandise!

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