Your Sibling Deserves The Best - 14 Best Premium Rakhi Gift Ideas

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"The only person who doesn't believe that you have grown up is your mother. The only one who cannot see that is your sibling!"

In the math of relationships, all the good memories add up-to strong relationships. However, the only relationship which is guaranteed to grow stronger in tough times, is the bond we share with our siblings!

The underlying facts behind this behaviour are, that siblings possess an intuitive understanding of each other. This is also the only relationship where there is absolutely no judgement about the other one. Doesn’t this make your sibling a very special person? A person who has the power to stir up your emotions like no one else, and know everything about you in terms of character and habits.

The relationship between siblings and the tradition of celebrating Rakhi has evolved in all its dimensions. However, the only thing that remains unchanged is the tradition of presenting your sibling with something special. With Raksha Bandhan coming up fast, we’re sure you’re looking for the best Rakhi Gifts you can find - be it rakhi gifts for sister, or your brother. Here is our special curation of 15 premium gifts to give to your sibling this Rakhi - after all, they deserve nothing other than the best.

1. Owl Wall Clock:

This quirky wall clock is sure to be the perfect gift for your sibling, considering it been ages that you call each other as the owl of the family. Now, you might as well gift them one! 

This owl wall clock has eye and tail movements with every second, sitting upon the branch. It is sure to hypnotise your sibling with love.

2. Mermaid Tail Blanket:

Once in her lifetime, every girl has dreamt of being a Disney Princess. She’s always had a soft spot for fairytales - and certainly would love to look like one. However, the brothers here are extremely clueless so as to where to start! 


Relax guys, let mermaid magic help you out. Present your sister with this Mermaid Blanket, and make her look just as wonderful as a mermaid. This blanket is sure to be her new best friend, and is sure to be with her wherever she goes! 

3. Queen Gift Set:

Whether brothers acknowledge it or not, sisters have always made their lives easier. It’s high time that brothers acknowledge that sisters always take charge and help their brothers out - regardless of whatever it may be with.

It’s finally time for brothers to acknowledge their sisters are indeed royalty - crown them with the Queen Gift Set. This must have Gift Set has a Queen coffee mug to start her day the right way, a jewellery holder for her prized possessions and of course, her Crown! 

Unicorn Bathrobe:

Blessed with a baby sister and can't wait to spoil her this Rakhi? Well, here is the perfect gift for your little troublemaker. She will have the same expression and glee on her face you had, when you saw her for the first time!

She will never get bored of this gift - this unicorn is bound to stay with her even when she outgrows it as her most prized possession. A perfect Rakhi Gift for Kids.

Unicorn Plush Slippers:

A perfect landing platform, for your drama queen sister who is always in the air. These Unicorn Slippers are comfortable and cosy, just like the bond you share. 



These are designed with just the right colours and a spiral horn to complete the feel of true unicorn magic! P.S: The next time she plans to hit you with her slippers, cherish the plush touch and enjoy her annoyance. 

Italian Martini Glasses:

The only Eureka moment in a Household with siblings is, when both of them agree to the same thing. One of those rare scenarios is of holding a house party when your parents are away! These Martini Glasses are as cool as your relationship with your sibling and will make a perfect gift for them. 

These glasses are absolutely perfect for hosting a friendly way get together, or for bottoms up at the next cousins night. These Martini Glasses are perfect to add colour to your relationship - and you also get the credit for the success of next house party. 

Wireless Skipping Rope:

Your sibling is your first playmate. Indoors or outdoors, you both have been each other's partners in crime and have shared a lot of memories. From teaching the younger one how to play the game, and then fighting with each other to who cheated in the game.


This is your fair chance to present them with this wireless skipping rope and rekindle all your memories. Help your sibling reach their weight loss goals, till next Rakhi with this battery operated digital skipping rope, and don't forget to take all the credit when they look good next time. 


7. Unicorn Onesie:

If your sister is a normal person, it’s almost certain that she’s unicorn crazy. Does she also believe in funky dressing, for no reason whatsoever? Then get her off your back - with this perfect Rakhi gift - something that’ll make her look like a unicorn - the Unicorn Onesie.

Not only will your sister cherish this unique costume, when she shows it to her girlfriends, they will be highly impressed by the work you put in for thinking of this gift.

Swinging Terrarium:

Your relationship with your sibling is probably the longest one in your entire life. No matter what happens, there is something that is bound to keep you both together through all the ups and downs. This Swinging Terrarium easily reciprocates the essence of your relationship - with its utility and style. 

With a classy geometric design and gold-colored stand, the Terrarium will light up your room, just like the presence of your sibling in your room does.
This swinging terrarium comes with a glass base to hold your plants just as you both would hold each other through the thick and thin. 

Mermaid Gift Set:

If you guys are brothers and sisters, you are as distinct as the north pole and south pole - and have extremely different choices and interests. With Rakhi around the corner, the brothers are having a really hard time in finding the perfect gift - for the most imperfect human in their life. But call SOS, call Mermaid Gift Set - one of our top Rakhi Gift Set picks.

This gift set comes with a 3D Mermaid Tail Mug which is soon going to be her favourite way to kick start her day. It also comes with a set of 7 mermaid-themed brushes each suitable for their own purpose. Don’t forget to take away all the credit the next time she looks pretty!

10. Flamingo Teapot:

This simple gift is sure to touch her heart and bring out glee - in her the exact same way she got irritated at the simple thing you did just an hour ago. Needless to say, this set also comes in her favourite colour and will be her only choice the next time she indulges in her ”Me Time”. 

This set comes with two cups - giving you a chance to sneak in with your demand for a good cup of tea and lots of gossip. Flamingos are known to bring good luck to a person - so perhaps she may outwit you till the next time with her new found luck.!

Reindeer Lamp:

Just as your bond, this gift speaks for itself. A perfect piece of decoration for the super tidy room, next to your messy dungeon, is an enchanting Reindeer Lamp - something as magical as your sibling.

For your creatively magical sibling, this will be the appropriate creative gift. This is your perfect chance of lighting up their life - both figuratively, and literally with this pleasing and attractive lamp.

12. Real Boss Gift Set:

The Sibling relationship bears a striking resemblance to India and Pakistan - when it comes to sharing. Every little possession is as valuable as Kashmir and you are in no mood to let go! This gift set is sure to act as your new peace treaty define the L.O.C - by stating who is the Real Boss.

This gift set is as complete and comfy as your relationship with one another. However, as always, “prevention is better than cure”. So for the next time, when your sibling tries to fight you off, you can just point out to the duvet. Because you’re the real boss!

13. Oversized Wine Glass:

This is going to be just the right gift for your larger than life sibling. A happy reminder of how you both magnify little moments in each other's lives. 

Go all in or nothing with this massive Oversized Wine Glass. 1 ft 3 inches (40 cm) tall in size, the glass can be used as a decor item too. One for your party freak sibling!

14. Levitating Moon Lamp:

Well, as you love, and hate your sibling to the moon and back, this is your chance to present them with one. Just like your sibling, this piece of art is not ordinary in any sense - presenting the Levitating Moon Lamp. 

Not only does the moon levitate in the air from its base, built from state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, the moon lamp has accurately recreated craters, just like the real moon. Make your sibling’s jaw drop with this magical moon lamp.

According to a recent study, when asked why a person can describe their sibling in the most detailed manner, it was because they have the power to stir up emotions in the other one like no one else has.

Considering that science backs up the importance of siblings in our lives and history has known to create an entire festival around the relationship, and somewhere down the line, you are being nostalgic about how far your relationship has come. So this Rakhi, let's leave no stone unturned to make the second favourite child of your parents feel special.

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