No Space For Commonplace - 25 Most Unique Rakhi Gifting Ideas For Sisters

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Brothers are never quite sure why they fight with their sister, or even why they love her so much.

In a recent study conducted on the relationships shared by siblings, males were asked about whether would like to contact when they need to take a major decision in their life. Most of the answers were parents, wife or best friend. However, just in case they had to choose a backup to their first preference, more than 95% of people cited with their sister.

Science backs this up, by stating that the influential qualities of reliability are also present in sisters. Often, boys take more than the required time to realise the obvious. Even once they do that, they will take another decade to acknowledge the same. This is the reason they will never go up to their sister and thank her for being there, and for the contribution, she has made into their lives by just being there - through the most out-of-the-box Rakhi Gifts.



Perhaps our earlier generations realised this problem. Then, they created the custom of giving gifts on the occasion of Rakhi, giving all the brothers a chance to show sisters how much they mean to them through Rakhi Gifts for Sisters.

For all your sisters have done for you, a mere obligation to protect them just doesn’t do justice. Indulged in an endless scamper for creative gift ideas? Fret not. Show your sister just how thoughtful you can be, and how much you care, with 25 unique gifts - just as unique and quirky as your bond.

Wonder Woman Rakhi:

You may protect her, in the outside world. But when it comes to covering up for you in front of your parents, she is your shield. It’s finally payback time for all the brothers - acknowledge the fact that your sister protects you just as much as you do for her. 



This Raksha Bandhan, tie her a Rakhi too - show her just how much she means for you. And there's perhaps there's no better way to do so, than with a Wonder Woman Rakhi - after all, she's a real-life Wonder Woman. Tie her this, and maybe she'll be so ecstatic that her Rakhi Gift for Brother will be slightly better!

Sister, You are Great Mug:

Whenever you count your blessings, count your sister twice, not only she is always there for you - her advice is always on the point.



Also, she is the only girl in this whole world who is ready to break your bones but will never break your heart. So, in all due sincerity bow down to the girl who made your life easier just by being in it, with this Sister, You Are Great Mug - with a heartfeltly hilarious message inscribed.

Unicorn Hoodie Neck Pillow:

Such is the bond, that sometimes, you feel like sending her away to Mars. However, on the other hand, you are equally always worried about her comfort. Unicorn to the rescue! Present her with this travel essential so that she plans her next vacation super soon and you get the house all to yourself. 



The unique accessory will not only help her doze off on the go, the hoodie will also keep her warm and comfortable.

4. Levitating Moon Lamp:

You love and hate your sibling to the moon and back. Now, you can literally gift your sister a moon. Light up her life - figuratively, as well as literally, with this extraterrestrial piece of art.

The moon constantly levitates from its base - without the constraints of Earthly gravity. Built with state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, the moon has accurately recreated craters of the real moon - it'll seem like your sister has just the real thing.

Infinity Mirror Lamp:

This exquisite piece is a perfect replica of your relationship with your sister. When switched off it acts as a mirror, just like the way your sister always makes you realise what you actually want. When switched on, it provides light and warmth when required - and is infinite in its limits! 

This Rakhi present her with an Infinity Mirror Lamp - and show her that you love her to infinity, and beyond!

Wonder Woman Apron:

Your sister is a true Wonder Woman in every sense of the word. Is she also a superhero in the kitchen? Then there's perhaps nothing better to let her know that you acknowledge her magical cooking skills than the Wonder Woman Apron.



Designed just like Wonder Woman's costume, this Apron will certainly enhance your sister's motivation to cook you something tantalizingly delicious!

7. Queen Jewellery Holder:

You've always noticed the fact that your sister walks around the house like she's some sort of a princess, with an invisible crown on her head. What better opportunity than Raksha Bandhan than to crown her glory - with the Queen Jewellery Holder. Give her illuminating jewellery a holder of the same calibre.

8. 90’s Love Coasters: 

Since you guys are together in this journey of life, why not take a trip down the memory lane and stop at the Deja Vu Junction? Child memories are just like a box of Belgian chocolates - once you have it, all you want to do is savour it till eternity.

Planning a trip to the nearest convenience store for chocolates? Instead, this Rakhi, sit back and have a look at 90’s Love Coasters. A set of 6 coasters, they ready to take you on a deja vu journey. This simple Acrylic Box contains something for all -the water bottle all of us lost at some point, the old school canvas shoes, our treasured WWE trading cards, our favoured “corn rings and cola" and the floppy disks we all collected for no reason - walk down memory lane.

9. Swinging Terrarium:

Your relation with your sister is one of the longest lasting ones you'll have all life. Something keeps you together, through all the ups and through all the downs. The Swinging Terrarium is all the similar, in its utility and design.

It's always a good time to start going green - and the Swinging Terrarium is unparalleled. Its gold-colored design and exquisite shape will certainly light up your room, just like your sibling does.

Bouquet LED Lamp:

Every year on the occasion of Rakhi, girls are excited to unwrap their present and see what's inside. Whereas, for the brothers, it is the expression that follows.



If you are one of those who can't wait to see their sister glee-ing with glory, then this Bouquet is your cup of tea. Attractively shaped like a flower bouquet, the lamp can light up the darkest of dungeons with its 100 LED light-backed luminance.

Live, Laugh, Love Notebook

Your lifelong objective has been to make your sister's life miserable. But for once, you should do something which makes her love the way she lives, and live the way she loves.

It's not as hard as it sounds - do so with this Live, Laugh, Love notebook.With a custom design and an inspirational cover, your sister will absolutely adore this notebook with a beautiful pink cover - let her rediscover the purpose in life.

12. Y
es and No Buttons

The equation you share with your sister is super simple. Things are always either black or white. She will love you to death or she is planning your death - there is no in between.

Just like these buzzers, it is either “Yes or No”. This is the perfect occasion to modernise your relationship with these communication tools, and leave your parents in anticipation that when are you both organising the next house party to show off these buzzers - which have different ways of saying affirmative or negative each time you press then!

Girl Boss Stationary Stand:

This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate the uprising of female power. Acknowledge that your sister really is the boss - with this Girl Boss Stationery Stand.

A fluoroscent pink stationery stand, it will certainly light up your sister's study desk. Next time you ask for her help on an assignment, she'll be certainly all the more willing to assist!

Minion Plush Slippers:

We advise you to keep your cameras handy, while your sister is unwrapping this gift. These Minion Plush Slippers will make her expression light up immensely - just like real Minions - she'll be jumping with joy.

This cartoon gift for your cartoon sister will make her happy and she will not be able to hit you with her slippers in the next fight! Disclaimer: There is a 100% chance that she will be wearing them out and about, and you might feel a little embarrassed walking with an adult wearing cartoon slippers.

Spa Gloves:

Is your sister always complaining that you never pamper her? And, as usual, you are clueless as to how to go about it? Well, just get her these spa gloves and watch the magic. All she has to do it moisturise her hands and slip on these for an at-home spa experience! 

Unicorn Makeup Brushes: 

You would never want your sensitive sister to be harmed, would you? Well, then you can present her with these beautiful & soft makeup brushes. 

A set of 10 makeup brushes, these Unicorn-themed Brushes are soft and magical just as your bond - with 10 different shapes and sizes for different requirements for your beauty queen sister.

17. Unicorn Onesie:

If you belong to the majority of the population then there is a 99% chance that your sister is a fan of unicorns. If believes in funky dressing for no reason then you have no reason to not buy this Unicorn Onesie for your sister. Get her off your back by giving her the perfect gift she has been asking for years.

Not only will your sister cherish this unique costume, when she shows it to her friends, they will be highly impressed by the work you went through for thinking of this perfect gift.

Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

Eiffel Tower, the universal symbol of love, is the dream destination of just about every girl. Now, perhaps it may be unfeasible for you to actually take her there, but you can now bring it to her home.

The Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp - resembling the Eiffel Tower itself - will give an extraordinarily modern yet sophisticated look to her room. The bottle lamps work with a USB connection - making them portable, yet capable of lighting up her room with ease.

Mermaid Tail Blanket:

Once in her lifetime, every girl has dreamt of being a Disney Princess. She’s always had a soft spot for fairytales - and certainly would love to look like one. However, the brothers here are extremely clueless so as to where to start! 


Relax guys, let mermaid magic help you out. Present your sister with this Mermaid Blanket, and make her look just as wonderful as a mermaid. This blanket is sure to be her new best friend, and is sure to be with her wherever she goes!

Heel Mobile Stand:

This Raksha Bandhan, don't just protect your sister - protect her phone too, with this adorable Heel Mobile Stand. Add another set of heels to her endless collection of shoes.

Made of silicone, these heels can walk a long mile - and they'll certainly add sass to her desk, while making her smartphone experience much easier when she's texting, working or watching videos!

Stress Sausage:

Is your sister constantly stressed because of how much you annoy her? Do your endless pranks irritate her to no end? Well, then you might as well make up in advance - because this is something that'll certainly help her get over it.


Help her out the next time you stress her with this stress busting sausage - which she can squeeze, twist, stretch, punch, or smash to no end. You've always thought she has a bit of a short temper, so this can also be a sly way of telling her that!

Queen Gift Set:

As much as you don't want to acknowledge it, your sister makes your life much easier - in whatever aspect it may be. She's always taken charge for you - so much so, that she's almost the uncrowned queen of your life.



It’s finally time for brothers to acknowledge their sisters are indeed royalty - crown them with the Queen Gift Set. This must have Gift Set has a Queen of Everything mug to start her day the right way, a jewellery holder for her prized possessions and of course, her inflatable Crown! 

Wearable Nail Polish Holder

The relationship between you and your sister has evolved like nothing else, so why not present her with something modern? Help her be the beauty queen she is.


This unique nail polish holder will certainly make her nail polishing experience much more convenient and easier!

3. Unicorn Cosmetic Mirror:

Just 7 cm x 7 cm in size, the mirror is extremely portable. Your sister will be able to carry it on the move, in her purse or in her pocket - allowing her to look beautiful on the move.

If she's a unicorn freak, all the more better - the attractive unicorn cover design on the front will be a cherry on the cake for her. A magical gift for your magical relationship! 

Home Neon Light:

Your sister is the special someone who turns your houes into a home. What would be a more fitting gift than a Home Neon Light? The LED powered light can turn light up the darkest and biggest of homes with its captivating warm, white light - while the integrated hook will make it easy for her to hang - wherever she wishes to. 

A token of advice to all the brothers out there - she has always been there and she is not going anywhere. She is sure to stick by your side through all the thick and thin. She has helped you in your past, is standing by your back in your present, and is making you a better person for your future endeavours.

Having been your shield in front of your mother, given you just the right dating advice, making you learn the art of apologising for your wife, and most importantly how to be a kind and tender person in front of your daughter! Always bringing out the best in you - thank your sister with a creative gift for all the times she's creatively solved your problems.

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