Your Ultimate Guide To Gifts For Coffee Lovers: Baskets & Hampers

Your Ultimate Guide To Gifts For Coffee Lovers: Baskets & Hampers

Why You Should Pick Caffeinated Gifts For Coffee Lovers?

Now for a person who wakes up to a cup of coffee, followed by more coffee to survive the day with more coffee to call it a day, what better gift than caffeinated gifts to a coffee lover. It also comes with the upper hand of the person being reminded of you every time he goes for that sip of life! There's quite a thing about these gifts for coffee lovers, it aligns with their interests and preferences.

Interesting Facts About Coffee

  • Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer.
  • After Crude oil, coffee is the 2nd largest traded commodity in the world. 
  • Coffee has been discovered by a goat herder namely Kaldi who noticed his goats getting energetic after eating berries of the plant.
  • Caffeine, a stimulant in coffee, enhances concentration, focus and keeps you alert.
  • Coffee is actually a fruit.

Some Creative Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

  • Coffee Baskets & Hampers - A Lavish Choice

Apart from coffee lovers, a regular coffee person would also fall in love with the idea of coffee baskets and hampers because it has so much to offer without you having to brainstorm.

  • Go For Personalised Coffee Gifts

Personalisation is the new standard for gifts. With an option to personalise almost every other gift, opting for it just makes sense. Getting it done would be an icing on the cake. Bigsmall would do that for you, so it’s a no-brainer. You can gift personalised coffee gifts like mugs and other accessories to share with your friends and family.

  • Coffee Subscriptions Services As Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Bearing the survival expenses, sort of! Can you think of anything better? Hell no! Sign up for a coffee subscription on their behalf and give them the best gift of their life! You can explore the bigsmall gift collection which has some amazing offers and coffee on the table to select from.

  • Create Your DIY Coffee Gift Hamper At Home

This old gesture is still GOLD! For the addition of that personal touch, you can opt for DIY gift hampers. Here are some great options to curate one from:

  • Different flavours of coffee
  • Some chocolate cookies
  • A few dark chocolate bars
  • A small pour-over kettle
  • Set of coffee spoons
  • A milk frother
  • A coffee mug or tumbler
  • A vacuum flask
  • Some sugar sachets
  • Some packets of dried milk

How To Pick The Best Gift For A Coffee Lover

Coffee gifts are the best gifts, said all coffee lovers! Here’s how to pick one:

  • Know their taste: You’d definitely want to give them something that they would devour right away, and for that, you need to have a fair idea of the type of coffee they prefer.
  • Coffee on the go: This idea is one of the best coffee presentation ideas ever, give an automatic self-stirring mug, which does the stirring and gets a fine brewed cuppa coffee ready in seconds.
  • Coffee Mug or Tumbler: You know, you can choose from a plethora of creative coffee mugs and even personalise them. Nothing like a gift with a tinge of one’s own self.
  • Accessorize well: Make sure apart from the coffee, you add in some related elements like a Milk frother or coffee scales or a coffee kit would also do.


    To choose the best gift for a coffee lover, keep their taste preferences in mind. From self-stirring mugs that brew a perfect cup to creatively designed coffee mugs or tumblers that can be personalized, there's a wide selection to choose from. Adding coffee-related accessories like milk frothers or coffee scales can enhance their coffee experience. People can also send online gifts to their loved ones and to people who really love coffee.


  1.Do people really like coffee hampers & baskets?

Yes, of course! With an array of options available to curate a coffee hamper or a basket, why would anyone not like it. In fact, you can get amazing ready-made coffee gift hampers online that contain well-thought coffee essentials.

 2.How to choose the best coffee?

In order to choose the best coffee, here’s what you have to keep in mind:

  • Roast level: whether you like it light, medium or dark.
  • Flavour: Look for your preferred flavour like nutty, earthy or chocolaty.
  • Coffee Type: Consider your stomach’s sensitivity and opt for arabica or robusta beans, where the former is more acidic than the latter.

 3.Is giving a coffee hamper a good idea?

Yes, the fact that you are giving them something they need to get through the days and is an integral part of their daily routine, coffee hampers are hands-down one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

4.What are some options to include with coffee in a hamper?

There is a wide range of options to curate coffee gift boxes. Here are some of them in addition to coffee:

  • Coffee Mug or Tumbler
  • A pack of biscuits
  • A few bars of chocolate
  • A coffee accessory such as a milk frother
  • An infuser or a pour-over kettle
  • An Automatic self-stirring mug

    5.From where can I buy premium quality coffee gift hampers?

    You can check out the BigSmall gifting collection for coffee gift hampers or personalised coffee gifts.

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