Bachelorette gifts

Looking for bachelorette party decoration ideas or gift options for bride and bridesmaids? Browse through our catalog of tonnes of fun products and gift ideas.

Bachelorette gift ideas

Is Bestie getting married? Chances are that you must be planning a surprise bachelorette bash for her complete with tonnes of booze, balloons and quirky stuff. Still not sure about "the gift" for the bride and the bridesmaids? Because hey! there is no disappointing anybody! We have got you covered on that front too. Buy bachelorette gifts for bridesmaids and bachelorette gifts for guests all under one roof. Just a couple of clicks on the best online gifting site and chances are that you will be checking out with a smile and tonnes of cool products. Be it Team Bride Socks or Bride Socks or an Inflatable Ring Balloon for decor, there is something for everyone. Buy unique gifts online such as creative socks, quirky lamps, Funko POP collectibles, at none other than Your search for creative gifts from bride to maid of honor would surely come to an end at our online gifting portal.

Bachelorette party props

Find unique party props from our dedicated party shop for infusing tonnes of fun to your evening of sisterly camaraderie and revelry. Looking for bachelorette party decoration ideas? Why not buy cool lapel pins for every bridesmaid and helium balloons to spice up the whole area? Bachelorette party games are incomplete without tonnes of booze and fun dares. Try Beer Pong Kit or Drunken Tower Jenga With Shot Glasses to liven up your event. 

Bachelorette Party FAQ's

Q1. When should a bachelorette party be held?

Plan one 3-4 weeks before the wedding, so that you girls can get sloshed out, have the time of your life and yet have sufficient time to recover from the hangover and puffiness and be fresh for looking after other wedding details.

Q2. What is the best way to plan a bachelorette party?

It's pretty simple, follow the steps in the same order and you are pretty much sorted. Take charge, budget thoughtfully, add the fun stuff, stock up on the decorations, and plan the gift for both the bride and the bridesmaids. Go through tonnes of creative gifts and have them delivered right at your doorstep as you get into the other nitty-gritty of the event. 

Q3. What kind of gifts do you give for a bachelorette party?

Well, you could go for creative socks for the girls to chill in, plush slippers, cute stationery, quirky lapel pins, minion gifts, etc.

Q4. Who should be invited to a bachelorette party?

Try to keep the guest list strictly female, unless you are planning a combined event, an increasingly popular option these days. Any close female friends, future sister in laws should be invited. Inviting mom or MIL is subject to the tone of the event. Send out an invite to them if its a relatively relaxed affair.

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