Bowls & Plates

Bowls and Plates are what keep our kitchen alive! For all our love of crockery, we want to select the best of the best for our cutlery. From ceramic plates to fancy floral entertainment sets, find the most exquisite bowls and plates here to make your heart smile and friends wonder where you managed to bring these gorgeous kitchen beauties from. 

Printed Bowls and Plates for special occasions

The fancy dinner plates and bowls set we have, are our proud possessions, aren't they? From all the unique dinnerware sets, we pick our choice of dinner set or plates and bowls set which feels most like us. With this collection at Bigsmall, you can have a look at the ceramic serving dishes, ceramic plates and bowls and the unique bowls and platters we have listed and can buy plates and bowls online easily. 

Buy dinnerware bowls and plates online from Big Small

Are you looking for printed ceramic plates or unique serving dishes? You've landed at the right site! From exquisite crockery gift sets to handmade dinner sets, we have the most beautiful dinnerware gift sets for you to choose from. Bowls, plates, platters, mugs, cups, we've got them all for you. Be it the Oriana Teal Entertainment Set or the 8-Piece Entertainment Serving Set, it'll steal your heart away.

Aesthetically printed plates & bowls for perfect table decor

The table decor looks complete and complimented when paired with the perfect tableware, the perfect crockery. From all the best dinnerware sets, you have the option to choose from the porcelain dinnerware sets, the colorful plates and bowls, the ceramic sets etc. to make your best kitchenware set. 

Grab your bowls and plates from Bigsmall

You get to choose the best from Bigsmall. Find the best bowls and plates online here. Choose the crockery that is your customized taste from all of the ones we have listed over here. The beautiful Cherry Blossom Cereal Bowl would look amazing on your kitchen counter filled with all the freshly cut fruits. Quite a picture, huh? Then there's Sporty Cereal Bowl and the Handmade Double Chip & Dip Bowl too! Go have a look.


Q1. How important is dinnerware and beverage ware in fine dining?

Well, it's half the battle according to chefs and culinary experts. The right tableware makes the food look more enticing and inviting. It sets the visual aesthetics and even more so has functional purposes. 

Q2. How are designs printed on plates?

The process starts with an engraved metal printing plate similar to those used for making engravings or etchings on paper. The plate is used to print the pattern on tissue paper, using mixes of special pigments that stand up to firing as the "ink". The transfer is then put pigment-side down onto the piece of pottery, so that the sticky ink transfers to the ceramic surface.

Q3. How do you know if a bowl is microwave safe?

Microwave the bowl for one minute. If the bowl or container is warm or hot after heating, the bowl or container isn't microwave safe. If the bowl or container is cool, the bowl or container is microwave safe. Glass and ceramic dishware is usually safe for microwave use.


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