Gifts for Instagram Users

Whether the insta social media maven in your life is constantly posting wanderlust-inducing travel photos, another new outfit of the day, or drool-worthy meals, we’re sure these gifts will get a double tap of approval.

These days, it seems like almost everyone is Instagram obsessed. And judging from the number of friends’ vacation selfies and sunsets you’ve probably scrolled through, even being away from it all doesn’t mean unplugging from the popular social app. Admit it: Even when you’re meant to be relishing in a digital detox, there’s still time between showering and heading out to dinner to sign onto the hotel room Wi-Fi to drop a bit of vacation envy on your social networks.

Gift ideas for instagram users

While everyone you know is probably on Instagram, there are those friends who take their ‘gram game to the next level. The ones who will stand on chairs at restaurants to get the perfect overhead shot of their plate. The ones who have consistently hued Instagram grids where nothing looks out of place. The ones who will wait all day to get into popular art exhibits for the promise of that one shot. Sorting gift ideas for Instagram influencers can be a tedious task especially when you’re particularly meticuluous to adhere to instagram worthy gifts.  A camera hip flask or Insta camera mug is the perfect gift for this lot. Wooden log polaroid photo holder is one of the best gift ideas for the selfie queen who loves to snap pictures.

Gifts for social media influencers

There are perhaps few buzzier words these days than “influencer.” And gift ideas for instagrammers is even top notch. It’s the go-to label for social media stars.For some, it’s a highly public hobby; for others, it’s an actual career. Either way, there’s plenty of inspiring content out there that can feed any newbie’s dream of reaching “influencer” status. When you’re an influencer, even the simplest everyday items are bound to turn into photo props. This striking spill free suction tumbler will certainly pop in any snapshot (also great gifts for beauty bloggers) — and, of course, is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable coffee cups or plastic travel mugs. An influencer on the go knows it’s important to have a bag that’s not only functional, but also highly photogenic. The comic doodle backpack certainly fits the bill: It’s only great aesthetic variety, but also handy for various outings; the highly-organized interior fits all of the essentials. Planners, notebooks and office stationery items are great gifts for bloggers.

Gift Ideas for Photographers

When they click your pictures, they get everything just right - from the lighting, to the angles and the mode. They show wonderful creativity to bring out the best of you in pictures. Now, it's your time to get it right. Find the best gifts for photography enthusiast or gifts for instagram lover friends right here at, with our exclusively curated collection. The friend must come from your heart. Like the pictures they take, it has to be extraordinary. They're probably bored of their generic stationery holder. Why not gift them an artistically crafted Camera Wooden Stationery Holder, for gifts within 1000 Rs, something which can light up their desk as they plot their next masterpiece shot?

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