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Ah well, new year, same gifts? Absolutely no! It's 2019, and your time to discover and shop the new age unique gifts by bigsmall. From creative planners, to desktop accessories, peaceful incense burners to illusion wall clocks, explore New Year Gifts for your friends, family or corporate employees.


The ending year brings with it a baggage of mixed emotions. One filled with all the amazing memories and good times and the second about New Year celebrations and a deluge of stunning unique gifts. We celebrate New Year’s out of fun and frolic, however; New Year’s history has a special reference in the history of the world. While different cultures across the world celebrated New Years in their own unique way, the first of its kind New Year was celebrated approximately 4000 years ago by the ancient Babylonians. While today the world celebrates the New Year on January 1st, in ancient times it was celebrated around the mid of March and the agenda behind celebrating this day was totally different and magnificent. The idea behind celebrating this day was to show your true loyalty to the new king or the reigning king of the state. In addition to this, it was also a day of making numerous resolutions and promises in maintaining peace and harmony throughout the year and be a helping hand in the development of the nation in unison. So after a little dive into ancient history, we bring you back into this era. Still wondering as to when is the Hindu New Year celebrated? The Hindu New Year is celebrated according to the Panchanga and it is popularly known as Vikram Samvat.

We all await the New Year to celebrate it to the fullest and be showered upon with infinite happy New Year gifts. We at have the finest bunch of gifts for New Year and we are sure you are definitely going to find it difficult to chose from an array of choices.


The digital age has brought the world closer thereby bringing the whole world in capsules right on your computer screens. This, in turn, has also made shopping feel like a cakewalk. Why tan your skin or burn your feet when you can find the best New Year gifts just with the click of a button. If you are miles apart and are terribly missing your loved ones then gives you the additional privilege to send New Year gifts to India by sitting at any corner of the globe.

Someone has rightly said that gifting is an art and you need to be immensely creative in impressing people with gifts. If you feel you fail to belong to the creative category then we have a solution to your worries. Along with some exquisite and funky gifts bigsmall also helps you with some creative gift ideas so as to find the perfect gift for a loved one. No two fingers are alike which also applies to people and hence you need to decode an individual’s personality traits so as to gift them the best. So whether they are superhero fans or pranksters or ocean lovers or writers or love anything else then we have got you sorted. Bigsmall has some special gifts for people who define their personality even with their props.


What is more difficult that solving a Rubik’s cube? Well, you guessed that right. A woman’s mind and her heart are a deadly combo and a mysterious puzzle as well. So just to get you off the abysmal cliff bigsmall has some quirky gifts for the woman of your life. Welcome aboard as we take you on a joyride of dedicated gift categories for the women who have been your support pillar. So whether that be your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend we have got you sorted. The first hurdle of buying a gift is to get a visual idea of your gift. If you are desperately in need of gift ideas for your girlfriend then we are here to help. If you fail to recall birthdays and anniversaries and wish to make it up for beloved wifey then we have some delectable New Year and birthday gifts for wife. It is true that sisters are the sparkle of our lives and they ensure to keep your secrets as well as trouble you the most. Buy gifts online for your sister and tell her how much she means to you. If your woman is a working woman or is obsessed about swanky stationery then bigsmall has some amazing and unique stationery gifts just for her. So now you have the perfect solution for buying unique gifts online. So sit back relax and fill up your shopping carts.


New Year celebrations are all about laughing over good old memories till your stomach aches and create amazing new memories to carry along into next year. It is time to seal these moments with the gift of love. If your squad is blessed to have individuals who are crackerjack at tickling your funny bone then appreciate their talent with a gift. Find the best of funny gifts for friends right here at bigsmall. If the man of your life ensures to keep you smiling then acknowledge his effort by finding some cool gifts for him only at bigsmall. Bigsmall is an online gifts store which has dedicated categories to each individual and event important for you making online shopping a fun task. Explore the best of funky gifts by shopping online in India only at


Imagine a world without Adam’s and the world would come to a standstill! So to all the men in your life who add a little gleam to your world there is a way to impress as well as surprise them. If you are desperately in search of gifts for him online then you have landed at the right place. We at bigsmall ensure to bring to you the most exquisite gifts suited for every occasion. Talk about sending a silent message of love and care to a loved one and bigsmall is proficient at it. The two people who play a pivotal role in shaping our life are father and husband. And so this New Year plan out the most amazing surprise for this stunning duo. New Year is one of the best times to make your dad feel special just like he made you feel special in every moment of life. Find the most unique New Year gifts for your dad right here at bigsmall for we help you capture the best moments of life with our bunch of gifts. In case you wake up every morning witnessing a cup of freshly brewed coffee and white orchids in your vase then you are indeed a blessed soul. Being blessed with a husband to whom you mean the world is a blissful feeling. With bigsmall at your service we bring to you some ravishing New Year gifts for your husband, to make your bond grow a tad stronger.


Who says shopping online is stressful? Probably you have tuned into the wrong channel. Shopping online saves you the trouble of running from pillar to post till you are exhausted to bits. Instead, online shopping gifts you the privilege of shopping while you cosily sit in your bedroom enjoying some creamy cake and some music. Bigsmall is one such online gift shop which offers its best and ensures that you never leave empty-handed. We ensure to pump up your adrenaline rush the moment you place your order. From finding the most unique gifts online to sending gifts to loved ones who are miles apart, bigsmall is available for you round the clock. So spread some love with some sensational Valentine’s Day gifts available online or surprise your kith and kin with some unique Christmas gifts.

If you wish you leave no stone unturned for Christmas celebrations and are obsessed with planning everything on an advanced note then there is a dedicated section for unique Christmas gifts 2019. Online shopping is a wonderful experience for it helps you keep your mind calm and choose a gift that will put across your message of love for a loved one perfectly. So whether that be Christmas, Valentine’s of New Year you now know where to stop and shop. Gifts at bigsmall are so irresistible that you might be hypnotized into buying your favourite stuff in double quotient so as to keep one for yourself. Choose from an array of gifts and throng through the varied sections to find your perfect gift. A section dedicated to personality traits or relations make it easy for you to choose your gift. To add to it, bigsmall lends a helping hand when it comes to buying gifts for a loved one.

Discover, explore and take a deep dive into the world of bigsmall and enjoy shopping online to the fullest. That feeling of satisfaction on the person receiving the gift is something one cannot explain in words. So this festive season, warm up your fingers and let internet and bigsmall do all the talking for you.
Cheers to good times and happy gifting...

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