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Looking for the most adorable soft toys to accompany you or your little one? Here is a super cute collection of plushies to make your day at once! Find soft toys ranging from unusual to reversible over here. These are bound to make you smile wide. And, they're super soft to the touch.

Plush Toys Kids Online in India

Are you looking for adorable little plush toys for kids? Or better, for yourself? Plushies are the cutest little companions we can lay our hands upon and are a great comfort for ever. For the best plush toys online, visit Most creative of plushies online, there are many different kinds to choose from. From Harry Potter Plush Soft Toy to Peppa Pig Plush Soft Toy, you'll find something you'd love here.

Cute Plush Toys for Kids Online at Bigsmall

Finding cute stuffed animals or cute plush toys is the easiest thing there is. But the softness matters just as much, if not more, won't you agree? Cute plushies which are super soft that make you go woww are just what you want to buy. Go for something like Unicorn with Wings Plush Toy or Unicorn Plush Toy with Clasp Holder if you are in love with unicorns or if you're looking for some super cute plushie soft toys.

Best Plush Toys for Kids that always put a smile on their faces

For the birthdays of the little ones, we need best gift ideas for kids to make them smile wide when they open their birthday gifts on their special days. As a gift for children, plush toys are one of the best options amongst them all. One of the most unique gifts for kids, the plushies are always the easiest and best option to make people smile. Whether they are Dancing Cactus Plush Toy or Dancing Superhero Plush Toy, your mood is bound to lift up when you have them. 

Why Buy from Bigsmall

Bigsmall offers you quality products that would definitely make you happy. The collection of gifts here is like no other. On a mission to make uncommon and awesome gifts accessible to everyone sitting at home, they're one of the best out there. Whether you're looking for plush slippers, premium gifts, funny gifts, or anything at all, you'll find the most awesome ones tucked over here.


1. What is the most popular plush toy?

Although all plush toys are pretty much very popular, but reversible plush toys like Pikachu Reversible Plush Toy, and Baby Yoda Mood Reversible Plush Toy, and dancing plush toys like Dancing Cactus Plush Toy are trending a lil more nowadays.

2. Are plush toys safe for newborns?

Yes, absolutely. The plush toys or stuffed toys aren't just adorable but also very safe. Since they are all cuddly and soft, there are almost negligible chances of any mishap.

3. What is the difference between stuffed and plush?

Stuffed and plush toys are basically the same thing. Stuffed with soft fabric made of cotton or similar sort of material, stuffed toys are commonly known as plushie or plush toys.

4. Are stuffed toys washable?

Yes, if you hand-wash the stuffed toys with care, they are absolutely washable. Don't, however, put them in the washing machine because it could tear or rip.

5. Do plush toys get dirty easily?

When kept at one place and not interacted with very often, no. But when in hands of kids, yes. Since kids keep their toys with them at all times and do not keep their hands clean, the soft and light coloured soft toy tends to get dirty more than usual.

Price Table

Plush Toys Online


Harry Potter Plush Soft Toy

Rs 699

Unicorn With Wings Plush Toy

Rs 999

Unicorn Plush Toy With Clasp Holder

Rs 699

Dancing Superhero Plush Toy

Rs 1299

Baby Yoda Mood Reversible Plush Toy

Rs 499

Dancing Cactus Plush Toy

Rs 1299

Wonder Woman Plush Soft Toy

Rs 875

Peppa Pig Plush Soft Toy

Rs 399


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