5 Ways To Surprise Her On This Birthday

That one day when she just loses herself. That one day when she gets wiser and yet much cuter than ever before. That one day when gifts just keep raining over her. Well, it is not hard to guess which day we are talking about. It is that day when cakes are cut, candles are blown and faces are smeared with cream of cakes. It’s Birthday! And how can there be a more special day than this very auspicious day for her – the one you love the most?

Simply bringing a birthday cake from the bakery, putting a few candles on it and slicing it to growing sound of claps is too cliché nowadays. There is hardly any fun in cake cutting ceremony, or in wearing birthday caps during the festive night. Even bumps have become quite ordinary. If you want to give your loved one the best experience of birthday, then you need to surprise her on this day. And if you are wondering how to do so, then here we to help with 5 top crazy ideas to just have her smitten by the display of your love. Get ready to see your girlfriend’s eyes wide open in astonishment. 

Midnight cake and flower delivery

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As the hands of the clock strike midnight, the party mode should get turned on and celebrations ought to start. The best way to invite the new auspicious day in her life is a cake. Get a delicious plum cake or chocolate cake for her and surprise her with some quirky messages written on top of it. The welcoming of a birthday with a cake is not just a tried and tested formula, but also a way to elate her for the remainder of the day too. However, if you thought cake alone will do the magic, then you are pretty wrong. If it were so, how would your friend or neighbour be any different? To show how much you care about your beloved’s choices and interests, you need to spice up the things a bit.

And the thing that helps us to do so are the lovely flowers tied together in a bouquet. Bright red roses arranged in a lovely shape in a bouquet or adorable dandelions bunched together with brilliant small flowers interspersed will just set the perfect setting for the birthday. There is nothing better than flowers to make a person happy. And when a yummy cake joins hands with flowers, the atmosphere just gets lively like never before. In case you don’t stay close to your sweetheart by any chance, then get the cake and flowers delivered at midnight to her home. The smile that will beam on her winsome face will be par description. Some moments are just priceless, and this one will be one of those very moments that you are going to cherish forever. So, don’t ponder over it much and simply dial the number of the nearest gift centre that will help you with this combination.

Be the chef for a day 

There must be a lot that she does for you. It can be waking you up in the morning or preparing a sumptuous meal three times a day. How about the idea of reciprocating the same to her? How will it feel if she is relieved of these tasks for one day and you take the charge in your hands? No wonder, the idea sounds fantastic. And therefore, you need to get down to work right away. Go to YouTube right now and check for some of the best recipes for birthday celebrations. Cook breakfast for her early in the morning, without her getting a hint of it. Just imagine yourself replacing the alarm bell for the most special morning of her year, waking her up with gentle caress on the forehead and then surprising her with a sumptuous breakfast from your side. Let the spirit of cooking come alive as you serve the most mouth-watering meals prepared by you to the queen of your life.

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Finding breakfast in bed just after a hearty sleep is the best thing to ever get surprised with. The moment she finds this surprise, kisses and hugs are guaranteed. Pick up any tutorial on YouTube or seek the help of any cooking guide and your plans for a birthday treat are pretty much sorted. But do note that a good meal is important for this idea to work. If by chance, your prepared meal turns hostile to her taste buds, then you are simply gone. Make sure that you have learned the cuisines well and have practised the recipe a couple of times beforehand. This will make life simpler for you and will also make the day memorable forever in your life – moments that you will get etched in your memory.

Pamper with gifts

Let her know that her age is not just a number, but rather a reward as you shower gifts on her. Get some of the most unusual Valentines Day gifts for her and leave her gawking at your amazing choice. Don’t go for ordinary teddy bears or perfume bottles for gifts. In this era of growing display and value of creativity, these ideas just draw flak from the best curators of gifts. Get the best-curated gifts for girls from Bigsmall as the gallery showcases innumerable gifts to be presented to your girlfriend. You can try some romantic gifts that are exclusively for your beloved, or you can try some generic gifts that help you both have an amazing time together


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You can try a beating heart wall clock that reminds her of you every second, as the heart pounds using the moire effect and symbolizes how your heart beats for her every second. Alternatively, you can go ahead to gift her a ring holder. The collection of rings is difficult to manage and maintain as these little symbols of love can just lay scattered and can get misplaced easily. And you certainly don’t want your girlfriend to break her head every time she has to locate the lost rings. Bigsmall brings an ultimate solution for your girlfriend in the form of this ring holder. You can find many more delightful gifts right on Bigsmall.

Something off the bucket list

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There must be something that she would have been yearning for since months or years. At least something that is there on her bucket list. And she might be just hoping for you to take care of it. Show how much you love her by taking one thing off her bucket list on this birthday. Get one of her wishes fulfilled by giving her the best surprise this birthday. You can either directly ask her for her bucket list items or can play a game through which you get to know her wishes. It can be ‘Make-a-wish’ game or a simple ‘bucket list making’ game that can be played by you both. When you get one of her dreams fulfilled, she will get to know why you had played this game and the feeling of love will just grow further. Let the bucket list go smaller than the previous year and then grow back longer to be fulfilled by you on the next birthday.

Spa makeover session

And now we arrive at something that you can do to take care of your date. Get a refreshing and rejuvenating spa session done for your beloved. Let her get ready for the date in the best of moods and be relieved of all kinds of tensions and worries of life. A spa session can pull away a lot of stress from your body and mind, the way a magnet pulls away metal. Try different kinds of spa this time, for example, fish spa, chocolate spa, etc. A spa leaves you so energized that you simply become the best avatar of yourself after a session. The happy hormones that get released into the body will help you to make the best move for your girlfriend on her birthday and ensure that she looks the liveliest on her birthday night party. The massages that take away all the stress from your girlfriend’s body will be the precursor to an amazing full-day birthday celebration. Certainly, she would not have expected you to arrange a spa session for her. Get a prior appointment in a spa for two people and relax as your body gets massaged thoroughly.

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Birthdays are no longer required to be the same cake cutting ceremony and presenting of gifts. It has come a long way from there and today’s creative elements are taking the benchmark higher than ever before in terms of creativity. No wonder, you also need to make a move quickly so that your girlfriend feels the most special person on the planet on her birthday this year. And you can see, it is not that tough a task. Just a little bit of creativity and a bit of planning, and there you go, giving the best birthday for your girlfriend.