Ideas to Make your Birthday Year Memorable

Birthdays are very significant for almost the entire life of any person. Although every birthday is important, there are some which are special because they mark our official entry into the various phases of life e.g. teenage, adulthood etc. These birthdays are always memorable for us and ask for a memorable celebration.

The concept of a birthday is always primarily based on organising a party, inviting guests and cutting a cake. And while this is taking place, you get a lot of birthday gifts. However, the way changes drastically with every passing year. When we are kids, inviting friends, cutting the cake and receiving best birthday gifts are the primary things. But, as we grow, this concept fades away to an extent. Not that we don’t cut cakes or accepts gifts at all, but is more of the importance that changes greatly.

During adulthood, birthdays are mostly about friends, treats, food, restaurants, booze, etc. and little about that one small cake that we cut. Similarly, as we grow further, the day brings about a lot of realisations about life and responsibility.

Hence, keeping all the aspects in mind, the literal and psychological side, there are certain ways how we can celebrate our birthdays in the most memorable way possible.

1st Birthday Celebration

Nothing can be more joyous that celebrating your newborn child’s first birthday. This day won’t be making big demands or expectations but still, you would want to make this day the most special day in your life, of course with the baby on your lap.

Celebrating the first birthday of your baby will call for a grand celebration in which you can share your happiness with your friends and relatives. Of course, this celebration may be simple but will definitely be full of love. Here are some things that you can do on the first birthday of your child.

  • Shower loads of gifts: And indeed, you can pick the best 1-year-old birthday gifts like a Baby Teether or a soft toy which does not have any removable parts, or maybe this useful Baby Bib With Holder. But whatever, gifts you or any of your relatives give, make sure that they are filled with love.
  • The celebration: Food and gentle soothing music are the way to go for the celebration of your baby. The food should include light dishes and some of the invitees may just pat the baby and give just a small sip.

13th Birthday Celebration

The age of 13 is a very significant year as it marks the teenage. Most of the young adult (around 13 years of age) are driven by materialistic things, things that they can show off well in front of their friends and peers. And it is this age that they prefer their birthday to be extravagant.

Keeping this in mind, the secret behind making the 13th birthday year special is simple, indulge them in doing things that they love doing. Here are some things that would do loads of good and would certainly make the 13th birthday celebration year worth remembering.

  • Invite friends and schoolmates: This should top the list of a 13-year old’s birthday ideas. School friendships are one of the most vital things in the growing years of a child. A 12- or 13-year-old young adult would give a lot of priority to everything that happened in school, how much they share with their school friends and how much of a thriving friendship they develop. The 13th birthday is extremely significant, but you can make it more special for them. Give them the space to explore their friendships. Invite their friends home, let them spend time. The knowledge that they gain in these friendships is just the experience they need as they grow up.
  • Throw a grand party: Arrange for a big party. It would be great if it is an outdoor venue, like a cafeteria or a game parlour. Buy some special gifts for the kids and you will love the smile on their faces. Moreover, get them and their friends to spend some special time in the video game parlour. They love the bits of show off that they do.

18th Birthday Celebration

The age of 18 is a very significant year in a life of any person. The feeling of being a widely accepted adult gives the person a sense of responsibility. Also, this is the age when any person in the world starts to feel independent and loves to explore everything coming along their way, be it relationships or anything else.

As far as the 18th birthday gift ideas are concerned, it should be something unique to make that birthday even more memorable. Something like Beard Catcher can very well relate to the official entry into the adulthood.

  • Try out new things: You can make the 18th birthday year memorable by giving yourself every little thing that your heart wants to. Learn arts of any kind, dance, singing or anything that you might be interested in. Indulge in sports and develop new hobbies. You know that this adulthood will vanish one day and all you will be left with, are memories.
  • Travel: This is probably the best part of adulthood. You slowly start to get lesser resistance from your elders or parents. Make use of this freedom. Explore new places, travel.
  • Plan ahead: Apart from all the enjoyment that you indulge in at this age, the 18th year of person also opens up another important aspect of a one’s life. This is all about thinking about the future. What does he/she want to do in the future? What profession is he/she looking to pursue? Also, if you are employed, be it part time or full time, think about saving. Make small savings that will help you in the future. Open a fixed deposit account, invest in SIP (systematic investment programme).

25th Birthday Celebration

The age of 25 is not as crucial as the 18th year as most of the big decisions in life are already taken. By the age of 18 to 22-23, most of the decisions regarding career and profession are taken, the education period is already gone and you have stepped into a professional field, more like executing the education you have been doing for all the years.

Also, this is the age when you have a lot of freedom to go wherever you want to, do whatever you want to, booze whenever you want. But there is yet another face to it. This is the time you think about the future the most. Probably give it to savings, big time, or start thinking of buying a house, think about the parents’ future, etc.

Plus, this is the time when you start thinking about your marriage, go to places for a romantic date, think about the most romantic gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. All of this makes silver jubilee year the most happening year in everyone's life.

  • Travel with your friends: You now have the legal rights to have everything you have been restricted from doing, like drinking, booking hotels on tours and trips. So make this year a very memorable one by making the most of it. Go on long trips on your birth month and make it the most memorable phase of your life.
  • Plan a party with a lot of food and drinks: On your birthday, you can throw a party for your friends and peers and probably your office colleagues too. Arrange for food, music, booze and loads of fun.

40th Birthday Celebration

When you are at the age of 40, you are probably very busy and preoccupied with you household-centric work along with your family. Hence, you may often find yourself not celebrating your birthday but plan more about how you are going to celebrate your child’s birthday in a grand way.

But the age of 40 is a very significant mark in your life and just the very slight celebration may leave behind a big impression or memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Here are some things that you can do on your 40th birthday that will make it worth being remembered.

  • Have a dinner date: Once you get into your marriage life, newer and bigger responsibilities come up on the way. After having a child, the focus shifts from loving your partner to pampering your child and you miss out on a lot of those warm moments that you used to spend when you were younger. So give yourself the time and spend some moments with your spouse. Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner, speak a lot with him/her, give a unique birthday gift, etc.
  • Holiday with your spouse: When was the last time you went out for a holiday with your spouse? Long back right? So leave aside the hectic work world and go out for some trip. You will definitely love the time you spend there.

50th Birthday Celebration

The 50th year in a person’s life. The golden jubilee year marks some changes in the way a person thinks and works. This is the time when you slowly start to gain wide experience in life and are a storehouse of wisdom.

But did you know, you can also celebrate your birthday in a much more meaningful way? Never thought about it right? Here are some ways how you can make your 50th birthday more meaningful.

  • Do social service: Indulge yourself in social service. Yes, this is the best thing to do when you want your life to be more meaningful. You will absolutely love the broad smile on the face of the person you are doing something for. Start by visiting an old age home or an orphanage and do something meaningful for them, either in kind or abstract.
  • Visit NGO, spread happiness: Visit an NGO that does good work for any class of people, be it for women or kids. The children will love it when you speak to them. Donate them books, stationeries or anything you want to, because you would want them to the educated and help the world, just like you are doing.

The 50th birthday gift ideas can include creative decoratives like Waterfall Incense Burner or something luxurious like Foot Hammock.

Remember, age is just a number

Spending birthdays based on the age is not a compulsion that everyone needs to follow. But then, there are some silent rules that have great meaning and are made for the betterment of everyone around.

Just as the way it has been written in this piece of write up, you can find the things so much relevant to your life at every stage. This includes bragging a grand birthday party at a young age, something that most of us have done. Then as we grow up, we tend to prioritize our birthday to do something else rather than just cutting the cake. Isn’t it?

Hence, the changes that come up are universal and are not subject to just one person at a time.