Unique Fun Things to Do On New Years Eve

With the sun sinking under the horizon and the clock ticking away to a jubilant midnight, the world gets slowly engulfed in a hysteria of fervour and joy. People dance on the streets and revel at bars, while impressive radiant fireworks set the sky ablaze. And even this year, you will fit into one of the myriads of ways of celebrating the New Year. You will either visit a restaurant to spend some private time with your loved ones or perhaps show your moves on the dance floor with your friends. Or maybe simply sleeping on your bed snuggled under wraps of the blanket as the noise of the maddening crowd outside consumes the atmosphere.

Doesn’t it sound like we have got your actual moves conned? Don’t all these ways of celebration mimic the way you spend your New year day? Well, the answer is a big “Yes!” For years, we have been celebrating the New Year’s Eve the very same manner, without wondering what can be the unique fun things to do on a New Year’s Eve. But no more! Apart from bringing unique and creative New Year Gifts, we at Bigsmall will take you on a tour today in the realm of fun things that you can do on New Year’s Eve to see the right mood and start for the coming year. Till now, you have just enjoyed New Year. Now, it is time to witness the zenith of revelry. Get ready, sit on our hatchback as we take you on a fantastic tour.

Go Yoga

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You read it correct! Before you rub your eyes in disbelief of this idea, just ask yourself if boozing and partying is the only and the best way to celebrate your New Year Eve. Just start your new year with your feet hitting the yoga mat and hands stretching out to kiss the sun. The rush of happy hormones in your brain and the spirited infusion of fresh air inside your body will rejuvenate you like nothing else. And this fitness exercise is not meant to be a welcome note to the new year. Take a pledge or make it a new year resolution to make 2023 the Year of Fitness for your life. Who knows that when 31st of December 2023 comes, you may end up being proud of what you decided exactly a year ago.

Go Glitzy!

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Oh okay! We can see you scratching your head in confusion as your facial expressions join along. So, do you want to go lux and dust off the tux? Then, it is time for you to book a table at a hotel or rent a farmhouse to immerse into opulence. A grand opening to a new year is one of the most unique fun things to do on New Year’s Eve. And what can be better than making yourself feel like a king who is eagerly waiting for the new morning that paves way for a new start in life? A night filled with a lot of extravaganza, wine pouring into glasses and feet dancing to the tunes of adrenalin-rushing music can give you the best moments of your life. So, don’t think twice before booking the best times of your life at a grand hotel of your choice.

Set fire to the sky

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There is hardly anything more impressive and bright in the sky than a hell-march of fireworks laying siege to the sky. Even stars turn out dim in front of the brilliant display of radiance that reflect the fervor of the new year. Watching a display of firework is one of the most unique fun things to do on New Year’s Eve. A mesh of sparkling crackers overwhelming the realms of the dark sky and spreading light all around will mark the onset of a bright life in the coming year. Wade off all kinds of dark elements in your life as the dazzling fireworks chase away the gloomy parts of your life.

Create your own crackers

Why to depend on your neighbors or other party-goers for enjoying the fireworks? Your own home can be the cradle of jubilation. It’s time for you to walk down the memory lane and revisit your childhood as you sit for an art and craft activity. Give a shout out to your kids calling them to the dining table as they come across a pleasant surprise of toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, treats and other stationery supplies scattered over the table. Get the scissors do some work as your kids create holiday crackers. After all, a family that creates together, stays together.

Set up a photo booth

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Art and craft can take a whole new turn with this unique fun thing to do on New Year’s Eve. Get some bright colored craft papers and let your kids put out their imagination and fantasies on that paper. This will be the backdrop for your photo booth. Set the kids free to paint, draw, scribble, write etc. on the craft paper. Plunder each corner of your house for all kinds of good or silly props. You can cut out mustaches from black sheets of paper and glue them to a straw. Watch your kids cutting out creative hats and masks out of the blank pieces of paper and see creativity laying a siege in your room. Once the props are ready along with the craft paper background, just download a photo booth app and go beyond boundaries of silliness with your family, friend and kids. Silliness alert! This is only for those who want to infuse craziness in their life. Souls in love with boredom are not allowed.

Fancy dressing

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Remember the time of your childhood when you played the bandit or the mighty knight at your kindergarten school? Do you think those days are gone forever? It is time to give a shout out to those very days where your creative genius ran unparalleled and unchallenged.  Just unlock your wardrobe to unleash the creativity in you. There is no reason for that vampire’s dress or the tiger’s costume to keep gathering dust throughout the year only to be pulled out during the Halloween. Dress up your kids in the most creative manner and let them be the badass in the locality as they go about being the talk of the town in their new outfits.

This can even entail painting nails, donning tiaras and painting faces to set an example of how a New Year Eve must be celebrated. Try out such different New Year’s Eve ideas. A fancy-dress event can even be the root of many other innovative ideas for New Year’s Eve party at home.

Own a fort

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Move out of your home without actually moving out. It’s time to own a castle and be a ruler right inside the four walls of your home. The only thing you need to create your empire is a blanket and a few strings. Make a tent out of your blanket by fastening its ends to a rope or string that is tied to some hinges in your room. Gather some props like a tong that will be your sword for the night or a torch that will be the floodlight for the fort. Black out your room and have only the torch glowing inside the fort. Enigma and fantasy will join hands to make the night memorable for you. You can go a notch higher too by making the night full of horror. The same kind of setup is perfect setting for narrating horror stories if you are with a group of friends. And not to forget, it can be one of the most romantic things to do on New Year’s Eve if you want your beloved to snuggle up to you and sink herself in your warm embrace of ever-caring arms.

Sink in the scented air

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There is literally no end to the romantic things to do on New Year’s Eve. What if we tell you that the New Year’s Eve is the best night for proposing to your loved one? What if we tell you that the New Year’s Eve is the best time not only to welcome a new year but also a new person in your life? Imagine an array of scented candles floating over the clear waters in a glass bowl, as you dim the lights and bring your lips closer to the ears of that very person you have been waiting for to add meaning to your life. And just imagine the slight curve her lips may take as dimples form to give way to a smile on her face, as she hears the rhythms of your heart the first time. Yes, go ahead and tell that very gorgeous lady or the perfect gentleman of your life how much he/she matters to you. The fragrance in the air and the gush of love hormone in the mind will create the best moments to cherish in your life.

Hit the oven

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Appealing smells are not part of only passionate love stories. Aroma taking over every corner of your room can be the perfect way to welcome a new year in your life. It may sound as an unusual thing to do on New Year’s Eve, but trust us it can turn out to be one of the best unique New Year’s Eve ideas. Yes, we are talking about making the kitchen the hub of revelry at your home. If you are single, call your friends; if you have a family, then we don’t need to say who should accompany you. Switch on the bulb of creativity in your mind. Let a whacky recipe strike your thoughts and unleash the chef inside you. Go, wear a chef’s coat, swirl the knives in your hand and chop items down to a delicious mouth-watering recipe. And let nobody tell you that it has to be a solitary event. You can plan an upscale dinner party for your friends and relatives. At almost half thee price, you can get the same dining experience as that of any plush hotel, and that too at a much-reduced price. Not to forget the additional bonus of hospitality that you will deliver to your guests without being taxed for the services.

Plan a night out

Umm…are we confining too much to your home? Are you getting restless to move out of the four walls of your home? Then, it is time for doing the most romantic thing to do on a New Year’s Eve. If you are wondering what to do for New Year’s Eve, then a night out for a couple can be just the best thing to happen. Go to a resort where you would find some privacy and simply gaze at the starry sky as your mind wanders in the infinite ethereal space which is as endless as your love for the soul lying next to you. A night spent holding arms, staring at the bright moon and exchanging the most filial feelings can be the best night of your life.

Behind the wheels

Sit behind the wheels, turn the ignition on and pull the gear as you plan a long-drive on the New Year’s Eve. Let the winds whisper “Happy New Year” to you and the year’s final night meet you for the last time before the gleaming sun ushers in a new ray of hope and dreams. An array of terrains, landscapes and communities will greet you as the wheels roll on the road incessantly. Let your travelogue be the diary for the new year as you plan many more tours throughout the year. A band of best pals rejoicing under the night sky caressed by the cool breeze is the best thing to be with on a New Year’s Eve. If you cannot imagine the joy you would experience, then it is time for you to try it out to know how it feels in reality.

Rock your life

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If you want to be outdoors, but don’t have a vehicle for a long-drive, then don’t worry. You can travel on the lanes of thrill and exult under the influence of loud rock music. Attend a concert or a rock show of your favorite band and make it a night of music. A rock night is the best answer to how to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends. There are not many ideas for New Year’s Eve gateway as ecstatic as a rock band night. Jump, swirl and bang your head to the loud beats of music as beats of rock music engulf everything under the sky. With light beams dancing in the air and people shaking on the floor, a rock night can be the best thing to happen in your life.

Fly away

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If There is nothing to elate you this New Year’s Eve, the don’t hesitate to click the ‘Book your tickets” button on your travel website. Head out for a tourist spot or maybe even a remote island, if budget allows, to spend your New Year’s Eve with an additional swag of opulence. Away from the peace-crushing din of the city and the hustle of everyday life, simply retreat to the arms of the nature as your hideout takes you away from the chaos of your everyday monotonous routine. Bring some bounty of nature this New Year’s Eve. This can be one of the best ideas for fun things to do on New Year’s Eve.

A night for humanity

One idea for making your New Year’s Eve the most worthwhile is to visit an orphanage or an old-age home and spreading smiles on the faces of those who have been deprived of it just because Lady Luck refused to bless them. Making the New Year’s Eve a happy event for others around you and being the reason for someone’s joy can be the best thing to happen in your and others’ lives. Charity is not something everyone thinks of, but can be the most valuable thing to do during the New Year’s Eve. The blessings you will get from the people is priceless. There are some things money can’t buy, for those things there is New Year’s Eve.

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And here we come back to your home having completed the tour. How does it feel to visit so many ideas for unusual things to do on a New Year’s Eve? Does it overwhelm you to have so many options? Whatever be the case, but don’t tread the usual route to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. Move out of the herd mentality of celebrating New Year’s Eve and create a league of yourself. Show the world how a new year must be welcomed and then go out to exemplify it. Who knows, you may end up turning a new leaf in the book of different New Year’s Eve ideas.